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about my DSis and friend

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onwardsandupwardsnow Sat 15-Jan-11 22:04:51

Since I got divorced as expected the number of invites to dinner parties and couple 'stuff' have tailed off.

Not overly bothered in some respects as not much fun on your own and then there's the problem of babysitters etc

However one thing that has really upset me is that my DSis and one of my closest friends now socialise together with their partners and in fact see each other more than I get to see my friend.

I'm probably being overly sensitive and silly but every time my DSis and her talk about things they are doing with friend and her husband I feel really sad

AgentZigzag Sat 15-Jan-11 22:08:01

YANBU to be upset at feeling excluded, but you can't really let them see it.

They're not doing anything wrong, or trying to upset you on purpose.

Flojo1979 Sat 15-Jan-11 22:08:43

YANBU but u do need to stop feeling over sensitive for your own sake and shake it off. We've all been there and u just gotta push it out and make the effort to create a new circle of friends

thisisyesterday Sat 15-Jan-11 22:09:50

yanbu at all

i don't really get all this couples socialising thing tbh

if i have people round I don;t only invite couples, I invite people who are my friends! for a long time 3 of my closest friends were single, but i didn't stop inviting them out with me

it's odd.
could you talk to one of them and say you are feeling a bit like a wallflower since your divorce as people no longher invite you out? try and get them to see that you'd still like to socialise

CarGirl Sat 15-Jan-11 22:11:00

Can you start seeing more of them by inviting them over for girlie nights in? Be honest and tell them in general terms how much you miss socialising with other adults as you get so few invites these days?

PlanetLizard Sat 15-Jan-11 22:17:51

Agree with thisisyesterday. Talk to them one-on-one and say you're not sure what you can do to continue to feel included. If you are asking them for advice they won't feel you're criticising.

MadamDeathstare Sat 15-Jan-11 22:20:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

onwardsandupwardsnow Sat 15-Jan-11 22:21:36

Thanks everyone

Girlie nights in a no go for my sister she is a 'smug married' at the moment and live a fair way from me so would definitely decline.

My friend would come over. Suppose I should make more effort.

TBH I think it's just the whole me not being part of a couple and left out that is bothering me. Usually fine on my own but feeling particularly delicate about it today and not helped that Dsis piped up about my friend coming over to stay with them soon sad

CarGirl Sun 16-Jan-11 15:08:03

Won't your sister come overnight one weekend or something? Or invite you and the dc to theirs? She does seem insensitive.

onwardsandupwardsnow Sun 16-Jan-11 23:06:12

She only comes over with her OH usually and as he has a child already weekends often taken up with him.

Might suggest me going there but don't want to have to ask iyswim sad

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