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to give my kids this for supper tonight?

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Boobalina Sat 15-Jan-11 16:18:35

Hot chocolates and with frothy tops and sprinkles and warm fruity scones, homemade Jam and vanilla whipped cream?

They've had a big breakfast of Croissants (massive ones) and then snacks and a huge plate each of pasta, cauliflower, peas and pancetta in a homemade cheese sauce.

I just cant be fagged to cook again, and have no bread for sarnies... its been a long day with earache and two kids who are exhausted and easy to cry.

So, the supper - it was considered ok in the 1940's - will it do tonight?!

coldtits Sat 15-Jan-11 16:18:56

will you be my mummy?

QuoththeRaven Sat 15-Jan-11 16:19:32

i second coldtits

PeeringIntoTheWintryVoid Sat 15-Jan-11 16:19:40

grin at coldtits

mutznutz Sat 15-Jan-11 16:20:42

If you think they'll sleep with all that sugar inside them...go for it!

sparkle101 Sat 15-Jan-11 16:20:48

Too late I want you as my mummy!!!

Catsmamma Sat 15-Jan-11 16:21:13

nah they'll love it!

and talk about it forever!!

supergreenuk Sat 15-Jan-11 16:21:14

Well what's the weekend for. Sounds perfect.

saythatagain Sat 15-Jan-11 16:21:38

Where exactly do you live.....I'm on my way. <salivates>

usualsuspect Sat 15-Jan-11 16:22:41

Sounds fantastic...they will love it,its nice to indulge your kids sometimes

HelenLG Sat 15-Jan-11 16:23:53 I want scones sad

Ragwort Sat 15-Jan-11 16:27:21

Sounds fab. - why are you even worried (and what's your address?).

MamaVoo Sat 15-Jan-11 16:27:52

This is definitely showing off by stealth

borderslass Sat 15-Jan-11 16:27:58

What times supper?

MrsNonSmoker Sat 15-Jan-11 16:28:18

Yes, please give address postcode and any parking restrictions, I am waiting by car. I'm not bringing the DCs as if they saw that for tea they would rest their case that I am a BAD MUMMY.

Actually, seriously, mine wanted hot chocolate and whipped cream/sprinkles etc one night and we gave in but they are not used to it and both were sick before bed. If you think your children can handle it, its sounds bloody fabulous. As does your whole day menu grin [grin

Boobalina Sat 15-Jan-11 16:29:37

Ha ha! Thanks ladies - my mum always said food was a great gift to give if done nicely.

its just my two are so knackered and the weather is just cold and wet - so this seemed like a yummy thing to have? Scones are like bricks so it will fill them up and the warm hot choc will make them sleepy too.

Plus I have been battling with earache and a ssorethroat all week - so just cant be arsed to cook again!

I am counting down the hours til 7pm to be honest so I can have a large sherry and watch my latest film thats arrived from LoveFilm... fab!

BurnAfterReading Sat 15-Jan-11 16:31:03

I have Gordon Ramsay on speed dial, let me check if he can suggest anything better...

Boobalina Sat 15-Jan-11 16:32:18

mamavoo definitely not showing off! I was rummaging in the freezer and came across the scones and thought - bingo!!!!

BurnAfterReading Sat 15-Jan-11 16:33:20

next time have a rummage in the messy drawer and dial the local takeaway...thats when you're speaking my language lol

sloggies Sat 15-Jan-11 16:35:54

Do it!

Boobalina Sat 15-Jan-11 16:36:07

LOL - not worried about the sugar content - they've had a mix-up bag of sweets each today and a mini roll each so a bit more from the jam etc wont kill them.

My mum grew up in the war (II) so had rations etc - as a consequence we were indulged with all things sweet and exotic to make up for what she couldnt have! She seems to have created a bit of a legacy...

Badgerwife Sat 15-Jan-11 16:36:58

What the heck, it sounds fab, as long as they don't eat that every day...!

Boobalina Sat 15-Jan-11 16:38:01

I would love a takeaway but they dont open til 6pm and I really need them to out of my hair so I can chill out be tucked up in bed by 7pm so i dont kill them they are rested for tomorrow.

ilovemyhens Sat 15-Jan-11 16:59:28

We've just had ham sandwiches and apples for our tea sad, but we do all have the flu and simply haven't got the strength to cook.

aristomache Sat 15-Jan-11 17:01:24

Agree with mamavoo

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