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To complain to nursery about the parent who sent their child in, knowing she had conjunctivitis?

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westcoastmummy Sat 15-Jan-11 12:07:52

I am currenly seething as 14 month DS has horrible bacterial conjunctivitis in both eyes. When I was collecting DS from nursery last week I over heard a conversation between staff and a mother advising her not to bring her daughter in the following day. It turned out the daughter had conjunctivitis and was on antibiotic eyedrops. The mother was extremely annoyed that the nursery wouldn't take her daughter when she had the infection. I know it's a nightmare sorting alternative care when you're working but I think she's totally selfish. Am I being unreasonable to make a complaint?

mutznutz Sat 15-Jan-11 12:10:03

Well I don't see how you can really if the Nursery told the Mother not to bring her in?

curlymama Sat 15-Jan-11 12:11:00

It sounds like the nursery are already doing what they can by telling the Mother she should not bring her child in, so I'm not sure a formal complaint would make alot of difference.

YANBU though, and you should tell the nursey that your dc has been infected. next time they might call the parent to pick up as soon as they notice the infection.

charliesmommy Sat 15-Jan-11 12:12:15

What are you expecting the nursery to do? They were clearly aware of it, and by refusing to allow the child in, have taken action.

allnightlong Sat 15-Jan-11 12:15:04

West Did the nursery accept the child into nursery knowing she had conjunctivitis? If the did I would make a complaint about them the nursery for not enforcing the rules.

westcoastmummy Sat 15-Jan-11 12:15:35

The mother already knew her daughter had conjunctivitis when she dropped her off so my DS had been playing with the wee girl all day. If it had developed while she was there, I wouldn't be annoyed about it.

westcoastmummy Sat 15-Jan-11 12:17:15

Don't actually know whether the nursery were informed she had conjunctivitis. I'm thinking not since they wouldn't accept her the following day.

Karaishere Sat 15-Jan-11 12:19:34

I agree with others, the nursery have done all they can imo by telling the mum not to bring in her child.

Really as soon as they noticed the child had conjunctivitis she should have been sent home

onimolap Sat 15-Jan-11 12:21:08

Conjunctivitis is pretty easy to spot though.

If the nursery had allowed a pink-eyed child in, then I'd be complaining to them. No point in having infectious disease exclusion policy if it's not enforced, either by turning round at the door in the morning, or requesting immediate pick up if the signs only become apparent during the day.

I remember from another thread, something along the lines of: "if you send an infectious child to nursery and another child becomes ill, you have hurt that child".

southmum Sat 15-Jan-11 12:22:05

YABU - my DS has had conjunctivitis on many occasion and its not always easy to tell if it is that or just runny / irritated eyes. By the time its obvious he has already probably passed it on.

As a FT working mother with not so flexible employers for a bout of conjunctivitis Id still send DS in. Selfish - perhaps, just trying to keep hold of my job and in the scheme of things conjunctivitis isnt the worst ailment and goes pretty quickly. Maybe the other mother is in the same situation.

Goblinchild Sat 15-Jan-11 12:23:12

Why not complain to the mother when you see her next?

mutznutz Sat 15-Jan-11 12:23:53

To be fair the Nursery staff can't refuse every pink eyed child who might simply be tired, have been crying or taken a poke from a sibling...they're not medically trained and I imagine that would cause a bit of uproar if they did that.

I would let the nursery know about your child OP but I don't think you have any grounds to complain about them - the selfish mother on the other hand....angry

mutznutz Sat 15-Jan-11 12:26:47

As a FT working mother with not so flexible employers for a bout of conjunctivitis Id still send DS in. Selfish - perhaps just trying to keep hold of my job and in the scheme of things conjunctivitis isnt the worst ailment and goes pretty quickly. Maybe the other mother is in the same situation

There's no perhaps about it. Sending kids in with anything that can spread like wild fire..whether it's conjunctivities, head lice or stomach bugs is down right selfish!!

CrazyPregnant Sat 15-Jan-11 12:27:27

I thought the current advice from Gov was that there was no need to keep children off school- although the school/nursery policy may be different.

CrazyPregnant Sat 15-Jan-11 12:28:22


Does a child with conjunctivitis need to stay off school?
Guidance from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) states that it is not necessary to exclude a child from school or from childcare if they have infective conjunctivitis, unless there is an outbreak of several cases. If an outbreak occurs, advice should be sought from the HPA or other health professional by the school or childcare centre

onimolap Sat 15-Jan-11 12:28:28

Conjunctivitis won't look like a poke in the eye, because both eyes are equally affected. It won't look like tiredness or crying either as it is the white of the eye that goes pink, not the surrounding area, and the eye is gungy. It really is very distinctive.

altinkum Sat 15-Jan-11 12:29:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southmum Sat 15-Jan-11 12:30:11

fair enuff Mutz.

mutznutz Sat 15-Jan-11 12:30:43

I think it's selfish to go against School/Nursery policy...they are there for a reason.

TheVisitor Sat 15-Jan-11 12:31:25

Under no circumstances should you send your baby into nursery with untreated conjunctivitis ready to pass on to another child. Flexible employers or not, as a working parent you have the legal right to take unpaid leave to sort out your ill child.

As for complaining, I don't see any need, as the mother was told not to bring the child in.

southmum Sat 15-Jan-11 12:31:37

yea Im selfish for not wanting to get the sack over a minor illness

curlymama Sat 15-Jan-11 12:33:13

SouthMum, that is an incredibly selfish attitude you have. Why should my child have to suffer sore itchy eyes because of you and your job? It's not his fault your employers are inflexible. This is something you should have thought about when you had children and decided you work.

It makes me really angry to know there are people like you around.

altinkum Sat 15-Jan-11 12:33:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Goblinchild Sat 15-Jan-11 12:34:02

It's the same parents who send their children to school with D&V later on.
Kennels for children, another retirement plan. Individual cubicles, easy-clean. Piped CBBC or CBBIES...

TheVisitor Sat 15-Jan-11 12:35:41

Different in a private daycare centre, Altinkum. They make their own policies aswell as adhering to government policies. Southmum, yes, you ARE selfish, because you are not bothered about infecting other children. I would be incredibly fucked off if my child caught it because you did not keep your child away for the ONE day it takes to get drops and under control.

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