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Rude woman in tesco

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TorianaTollywobbles Fri 14-Jan-11 20:23:18

This is my first AIBU so please be gentle!

In Tesco earlier. Woman in front of me in queue, unloading her shopping from small trolley. I leave a gap, put a divider on and start unloading my shopping also small trolley. The following then happens:

Her: What do you think you are doing? (aggressive tone)
Me: errr.... unloading my shopping
Her: well I have a full trolley you know
Me: ok will move my stuff down a bit, is not a problem, you only had to ask nicely
Her: silence

So was I BU unloading my shopping before she had finished? Didn't think I was, have done it before and no problems.

So AIBU or was she?

southeastastra Fri 14-Jan-11 20:25:13

yes of course yabu, you always wait until the person in front has finished surely?

don't think i've come across anyone doing otherwise ever!

southeastastra Fri 14-Jan-11 20:25:50

(hopefull i was gentle)

pascoe28 Fri 14-Jan-11 20:26:32

She sounds a right charmer.

1234ThumbScrew Fri 14-Jan-11 20:26:32

Yabu I've never known anyone to do this.

alphamummy Fri 14-Jan-11 20:27:27

erm yes yabu. How rude!

katiestar Fri 14-Jan-11 20:28:45


OnlyMeUK Fri 14-Jan-11 20:28:59

Sorry, YABU. It is only polite to wait until the person in front has loaded up their items. You've no idea if they may want to move things around etc to help in packing.

The other week, I had an elderly gentleman move my shopping along (moved the bread onto the fresh meat!) just to load his trolley up 20 second earlier! We had words... wink

nbee84 Fri 14-Jan-11 20:29:15

Does annoy me a bit when people unload their own shopping before I've finished. Makes me feel like I've got to squash mine onto the belt and I feel awkward if I have to ask them to move their shopping back.

Can't say it would annoy me enough to have a go at someone though!

TheButterflyEffect Fri 14-Jan-11 20:29:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RealityIsKnockedUp Fri 14-Jan-11 20:29:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Niftyblue Fri 14-Jan-11 20:29:46

Yes you were a bit
nothing worse/stressfull than putting your food on the belt ,trying to pack it and paying all in minutes...........and then when you have someone behind you starting to unload theirs when you have`nt even finished unloading yours.
Sorry but you were a bit

SarahStrattonsBaubles Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:00

YABU. You wait until the person in front finishes. Then you get to do the tuttysigh as you reach across their shopping mountain to get the little divider thing that they are too rude and lazy to bother to put in place.

S'cuse the crap grammar, I cba tonight.

whostolemyname Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:04

I dont think you are being unreasonable. Im not sure ive noticed anyone do it before but it wouldnt bother me if they did, as long as i had room for my shopping!

AttillaTheMum Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:04

I think yabu.

There is a queue and you are at the back so you must wait your turn.

BubbleBobble Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:10

YABU, as far as supermarket etiquette goes. You ALWAYS wait until the person in front of you has finished loading up their shopping, unless said person is only buying a handful of things. However, she was rude.

atah Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:11

yabu but she was rude too!

xfirsttimemummyx Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aPixieInMyCaramelLatte Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:14

Eh? Seriously? You really stand and wait whilst the person in front of you dilly dally's putting their shopping on the belt.

Sod that. I always estimate how much space they will need for the shopping left in their trolley, put a divider up and start unloading myself.

People do it to me as well.

I don't think I've come across anyone doing otherwise.

YANBU, she was rude.

HelenBa Fri 14-Jan-11 20:30:43

I usually wait til the person in front has finished - but there was no need for her to be aggressive, if anyone had done it to me I would have just assumed they hadn't realised I still had a load more to go on and would have said so normally

MsKLo Fri 14-Jan-11 20:31:21

it depends on the person,

people have done this whilst i unload my shopping and i haven't given it any thought and it has never bothered me

some people it will bother!

dont worry about it, next time hopefully you'll come across a shopper who doesnt even think about it

kylesmybaby Fri 14-Jan-11 20:31:33

have to say it would annoy me if the person behind me starting putting their shopping on the belt before i had finished.

MyLifeIsChaotic Fri 14-Jan-11 20:31:34

Message withdrawn

SarahStrattonsBaubles Fri 14-Jan-11 20:32:09

Oh and I would need to move your shopping if you did that to me. I like to spread mine out and have it in the right order. So I can pack anally properly.

skydance Fri 14-Jan-11 20:33:02

Yabu and rather rude, you wait until the person before you has finsihed unloading before you start loading your shopping on.

Why should she have to ask you politely to move your shopping down and how did you know how much space she needed?

Why the big rush? You couldn't get served until her shopping had gone through the till anyway. Good on her for saying something to you, most people would just quietly think you rude.

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