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To wonder if the lady who brestfeeds her dog does it in public ??

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I'm sorry but it HAD to be done !! grin grin

Breastfeeds blush

ModreB Fri 14-Jan-11 01:00:49

People would probably complain less about her breastfeeding a dog than a baby.

methsdrinker Fri 14-Jan-11 01:02:55

Thats disgusting fancy giving the incorrect milk to a dog!!!!
Nestle will be onto her ina flash

BitOfFun Fri 14-Jan-11 01:04:13

I hope she does it on P&O ferries.

Mamathulu Fri 14-Jan-11 01:04:39

Hee hee, I hope she does it in WAITROSE wink

ohnoshedittant Fri 14-Jan-11 01:33:59

Praps Eastenders could do a storyline on Wellard still around?

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