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To ask to see a different GP?

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jendifa Thu 13-Jan-11 23:27:05

I've just moved back to a large city, after being away for 16 months. During this time, I was prescribed prozac. I need a new prescription, however the doctors surgery is employing a friend (who is also best friends ex boyfriend)as a locum.

The surgery have said I can either see him, or ring on the day and get an emergency appt. Rang today and no emergency spaces. Asked if I could make a normal appt with a dr other than the friend, and was told No, not their policy as no other doctors taking on new patients. Explained the situation, and was told he would be professional and not let it affect the situation.

So, am I being unreasonable in wanting an appointment with any of the other 6 doctors, or are the surgery being as helpful as I can?
It's the only one covering my postcode, and did not know friend was locum-ing there as just moved back to the area.

eaglewings Thu 13-Jan-11 23:28:44

Stick to your guns and ask to see another GP. Talk to the practice manager not the receptionist

Good Luck

A1980 Thu 13-Jan-11 23:30:38

I would speak to the practice manager. Tell them that you knwo the doctor you are being asked to see and that it would inappropraite. They'll have to offer you another GP.

I don't understnad that system. My practice has about 5-6 docotrs and you can call up and make an appointment with whoever you like. You belong to the practice, not a particular docotr.

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