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To be ttc dc2 at the moment...

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YummyorSlummy Thu 13-Jan-11 11:59:21

Bit of backgroud: I had my ds, who is 2, just before turning 21. My dh is in the forces and we currently are posted in Germany, and we have started to try for another baby.

One of the reasons we want to ttc now is that I am currently doing an OU degree, after which I want to train as a teacher. I'm currently a sahm so if I were to have another now we would be giving ds a sibling and I would be at home while they are both small. I can then concentrate on carving out a career when they are a bit older.Also, if we are to have a baby on Dh's current tour he won't get sent away when they are a baby as he is not due to go away again for a couple of years.We don't want to wait until after I've completed my degree as that will be a long way off and there would be a huge age gap. However,as much as we want a baby we've realised that there are some major negatives in this plan.

Firstly,money.Dh earns just over 20k a year,we are lucky in that we live in raf housing and don't have morgage to pay, but it would still be tight financially. The other negative is that I will then be trying to do my OU courses with two small children rather than one,and that may be a lot harder!Also, I am only 23, so would have two dcs by the age of 24. Am I mad to be trying for another?

pookamoo Thu 13-Jan-11 12:02:41

There is never a "right time"... if you and your DH both feel ready, things will work out.
It does sound like you have thought things through - good luck! smile

Onetoomanycornettos Thu 13-Jan-11 12:05:49

Well, if you are doing it at this exact moment whilst typing on MN, YABU.

Otherwise, go for it!

YummyorSlummy Thu 13-Jan-11 12:11:02

Haha, I was going to put 'aibu to be ttc dc2 right now?' at first but realised it could result in people getting the wrong end of the stick!

Agree about there never being a 'right time' if we wait until I've finished my degree it probably still won't be the right time as we'll be buying a house or whatever! Oh well, ridiculous pregnany symptom spotting here I come!

curlymama Thu 13-Jan-11 12:15:49

If it feels right, go for it. The timing will never be perfect, there will be a drawback to whenever you do it. I had both of my children by the time I was 24, and there are plenty of benefits to having them young and fairly close in age.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 13-Jan-11 12:37:17

Looks as if there is unanimous support. Go for it, if your weather is anything like ours has been for the past couple of weeks (Antwerp) thats a good enough reason to stay in and get down and dirty.

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