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To mourn my legs...

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PieMinister Tue 11-Jan-11 23:59:42

They used to be quite the man-magnet, but they have not aged well, or responded kindly to weight gain. I just saw myself in a mirror and realised they look like the legs of a medieval court jester.

mutznutz Wed 12-Jan-11 00:02:49

No I think we should both raise a glass to the memory of your legs and my smooth skinned face...I caught site of myself in the mirror earlier and someone has replaced it with a map of the underground hmm

So lets get drunk and ban mirrors grin

Feelingsensitive Wed 12-Jan-11 00:02:54

oh dear grin

Mine are not looking so good either and as for my stomach ......

WimpleOfTheBallet Wed 12-Jan-11 00:05:59

My legs look like a Medieval Court!

wuggglemump Wed 12-Jan-11 00:07:43

Mine were never good.
Fat and lumpy thighs. They look like a bad bread and butter pudding, and the under the knee part now are streaked with blue veins.
The knees?
Yup, fat and saggy.
Jeans/trousers/tights/leg coverings are my friend.

mutznutz Wed 12-Jan-11 00:08:39

Lmao @ 'bread and butter pudding!!'

wuggglemump Wed 12-Jan-11 00:09:51

Think cold porridge/overdone bobbly scrambled egg.......that's my thighs and buttsad

outnumbered2to1 Wed 12-Jan-11 00:12:11

becaue i used to cycle everywhere (before DC) my calf muscles where quite well toned and defined. My DS1 pointed out a few weeks ago that my legs are "like your trifle mummy - all wobbly and bumpy"

mutznutz Wed 12-Jan-11 00:14:13

I think it's ok at times to actually hate children lol grin

animula Wed 12-Jan-11 00:16:43

Yup. I have been ... surprised ... by the inexorability of the ageing process over the last few years. Each morning seems to bring a new disappointment: Like a particularly unpleasant cat, really.

And of course, it is merely the harbinger of mortality.

The good thing, of course, is that you're still here to be made a little despondent by it all. the sad bit, i suppose, is to look back, and reflect on the all-too swift passing of youth.

Youth. Life. All of it.

is that all there is?

mutznutz Wed 12-Jan-11 00:19:15

I think the saying 'youth is wasted on the young' is probably the truest one!!

Looking back at my teenage/20's photos I was god damn sexy!...if only I had known it at the time hmm

PieMinister Wed 12-Jan-11 02:01:01

Exactly mutznutz...

At the time, though, I always had me legs, even though I hated being flat if chest, messy of hair, nerdish of demeanour .... Not any more ...

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