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To hate living in Manchester (and North in general)

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ILikeMilk Tue 11-Jan-11 13:16:12

Moved here four years ago to be with DH, and I still cannot get used to it. We are in a nicest area of Manchester, and it is still feels very provincial and boring. I dream about living in London, but DH does not want to look for a new job. I feel like there is no point and don’t want to decorate the house, make friends, etc, I just fantasise about being in London every single day. There is not much to do here, no nice streets or galleries, not much to do on the weekends as a family. I went to London this weekend, it was so painful to come back. Does anybody else feel this way?

SalvadorDalek Tue 11-Jan-11 13:26:12

Not for me there isnt

Saucepanman Tue 11-Jan-11 13:26:23

<marks place>

juuule Tue 11-Jan-11 13:26:43

Any of these help?
Manchester attractions

Family days out in Greater Manchester

Official tourism website

Or do you think maybe you're homesick and nothing will help.

ILikeMilk Tue 11-Jan-11 13:27:18

Yes Lulu. By the way DH's friend from work told him that some of the exhibits in industrial museum had been out of order since his childhood, and he just turned 30! We went there a few weeks ago with kids and the kids' part of the museum is closed down! LOL.

pleasechange Tue 11-Jan-11 13:27:22

There are nice parks near Hale. And the theatre/cinema/art in Manchester is great. But that won't make up for missing London if you prefer it, I guess.

What did you do as a family in London that you can't do in Manchester?

Lulumaam Tue 11-Jan-11 13:27:40

If oyu think Hale is a shit hole, god help you hmm

you need to accept that he is not going to move just to please you, i am always staggered anyone can afford to live in London anyway

how old are the DCs?

Saucepanman Tue 11-Jan-11 13:27:44

Are you from London, OP?

charliesmommy Tue 11-Jan-11 13:27:45

I moved to London from Manchester 12 years ago, after living there for the first 28 years of my life.

There is loads to do up there. You are in Hale you say, which is actually a very nice area, and you are only a short distance from Manchester City Centre, and you have parks and National Trust properties not far away.

Tatton Park is a lovely place to visit.

Manchester has excellent art galleries.

The lake district is only a short drive away.

Perhaps, if you stop wishing yourself back in London and make more effort in the NW, you would find it does have a lot to offer.

I would move back up there in a shot if we werent tied here to jobs and family.

whensitgunnahappen Tue 11-Jan-11 13:27:54

Ok, I think I might understand a little. I moved away from my home town 7 years ago to be with my dh. We went back last year foe a year but foe financial reasons had to move right right up north! 8 hours away from my friends and family. We have been here 6 months and inicially, I hated it. But you need to make more of an effort to mentally move in. Join groups, decorate your house. Wander round aimlessly and find stuff you like. I have lived in Manchester, and its a great place, there is loads to do, you just don't wanna find it because you want to be in london. I understand that (I came home crying hysterically from the supermarket my 2nd week here because it was crap compared to the one back home hmm ) but you really need to force yourself, and you will be surprised by how much you'll like it

thisisyesterday Tue 11-Jan-11 13:28:17

i wonder if perhaps the problem is not manchester, but the fact you long for London

is that where you're from originally?

I think maybe wherever you were you wouldn't be happy because it wouldn't be London?

I've visited Manchester a few times and thought it was lovely, tons of stuff to do (though no, not like London at all)

perhaps you would consider moving to somewhere else in Manchester where you're closer to the city centre and more stuff to do perhaps?

to be honest, I do think it's a little unfair of your husband to not even consider moving to London. If one of you is desperately unhappy then the other one I feel should at least listen and consider other possibilities.
have you told him how strongly you feel?

LadyBlaBlah Tue 11-Jan-11 13:28:19

I am not surprised you have made no friends, you sound totally miserable and stuck up about London. There is nothing a northerner hates more.

bupcakesandcunting Tue 11-Jan-11 13:28:35

Can't afford London, husband won't get off arse, hate everything, blah blah blah.

expatinscotland Tue 11-Jan-11 13:28:41


You won't be happy there ever because of your appalling attitude, yet you don't bother finding a job yourself in London or doing anything to improve your own lot. Just moan and bitch (or this is another wind up). So be miserable forever.

Have a nice life.

nagynolonger Tue 11-Jan-11 13:29:18

London is a great place to visit, but I'd hate to live there. Not sure about Manchester. I've only visited once, and I must say I wasn't over impressed. I'm sure there must be things to do. Nowhere is great on cold wet days.

There is nowt wrong with the midlands!

SpikyBinkle Tue 11-Jan-11 13:29:48

Hale is a shit hole? Blimey. Someone better tell the estate agents.

glovesoflove Tue 11-Jan-11 13:29:49

o whatever!

Are you sure you mean Liverpool is "awful"? Surely it's actually "ghastly"?
It's neither, it's actually quite nice, and Manchester is HUGE and full of goodies, and I say all this as someone from the right side of the Pennines ie Yorkshire.
What exactly is it that you don't like? Too many poor people at too close a range? "No nice streets" - what a load of rubbish, there's loads of streets in Salford with lovely houses/trees etc cos I've seen them.

To give you the benefit of the doubt are you sure you're not just missing your old friends/job/life, rather than suffering from having to live in the wretched provinces?

Ariesgirl Tue 11-Jan-11 13:29:54

Good God. Are you saying that the only British metropolis you could be happy in is London? grin

You should come to Liskeard

LadyBlaBlah Tue 11-Jan-11 13:30:20

I think wind up too expat

no one can be that miserable, even if they are a Londoner

Bunbaker Tue 11-Jan-11 13:30:25

"Move over the Pennines to Yorkshire,its smashing.We have the best beer,pies and nice cheeses and the sun shines every day
Also the people are very nice even ths southerners who have gone native"

I am a southerner gone native in sunny South Yorkshire and wouldn't move back to The Smoke even for large sums of money. I'm not sure we would want a Londoner who looks down her nose at us "Northerners" anyway. I don't miss London at all. I go back to visit, but am glad to be back home oop North afterwards.

OP - you need to change your attitude. You first sentence got my hackles up straight away. Stop being so flipping superior and calling non Londoners provincial and boring. Make an effort.

expatinscotland Tue 11-Jan-11 13:30:41

'London is a great place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.'

As large cities that are also historical attractions go, I found it filthy, over-priced and over-rated.

ILikeMilk Tue 11-Jan-11 13:31:15

Allnew, we went to some nice bars in Notting Hill and Hampstead, Kensington, Tate and V&A also some of my fav. shops are over there. Getting off a train in Stockport was a real shock, I just broke in tears.

BluTac Tue 11-Jan-11 13:31:50

Hale's not Manchester though is it? Isn't Hale just a fairly quiet posh residential area? It's like saying you hate living in London when you actually live somewhere outside London that's boring and posh and residential (sorry I'm from oop north so don't know the names of any Hale-equivalent places near London)

valiumredhead Tue 11-Jan-11 13:32:09

I think deliaskis has a good point - you sound low and that could be due to not feathering your nest and making it feel like a 'proper' home for you and your family. I know as soon as we'd finished doing up our house after moving, I felt much more settled.

Also the move from South to North is a big one but you have to make the effort and get involved with the community for it to work. Do you know your neighbours? Do you work? I honestly can't believe there is nothing to do in Manchester - there is LOADS.

LadyBlaBlah Tue 11-Jan-11 13:32:24

that is hilarious

charliesmommy Tue 11-Jan-11 13:32:31

If you take away the major landmarks in London, (that are over-run by tourists most of the year anyway).. London is a shithole, and an overpriced overrated one at that.

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