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to have complained about my neighbours?

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hurrydownthechimneytonight Mon 10-Jan-11 16:23:16

ok will try to keep this short and non rambling.......

Have posted across sleep n feeding threads and its all linked in to this.

Have lived in this housing association flat for 11 years with the same elderly neighbours and a high turnover of families within 1 of the flats in our block (block of 4).

Had DS who is almost 1 who has slept perfectly since 8 weeks all night, never made a sound until the new neighbours moved in and decided sawing and banging was perfectly acceptable at 11pm and beyond at night! We though we'd give them a chance being new, moving in etc!

8 weeks down the line the banging has continued along with the sawing and for the past 3/4 weeks has woke my son up. As if thats not bad enough as soon as he starts screaming (combined with teething obv) one of the neighbours starts hammering on the floor. Its now got to the point where their banging wakes my son after I have settled him and sometimes before he has not even make a peep of noise! Last night it was like someone was running a marathon above our bedroom!

So I complained about this to noise nuisance as having approached the new couple they certainly seemed rude and not the type for me to feel confident approaching! The elderly neighbours have both said they have no problems with DS crying but someone is obviosuly annoyed to bang this way!

Found out yesterday noise nuisance team had gone to new neighbours last week and told me they were still in the process of 'moving in' thus the noise but clearly its not acceptable! This had worsened the situation as I said Hi to them just now and got totally blanked (no way they did not hear me!).

Every time my son cries, screeched, shouts im constantly shushing him, picking him up at night and so on and my life is absolute hell!

AIBU to expect them to stop the banging and just accept that I have a baby and till I move there is nothing I can do about it! I feel guilty for complaining as I dont like people disliking me! sad

BuzzLightBeer Mon 10-Jan-11 16:35:02

I feel for you. I live next to a rented house that seems to be cursed <or it could be that the landlord takes tenants that have previously been evicted and are bastards hmm> and have had to put up with drug-dealing, massive noise, abandonded dogs, rubbish dumping and mad women wandering around with knives.
Keep complaining, and find out who is banging when the baby cries, thats so out of order.

shinyrobot Mon 10-Jan-11 16:40:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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