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Sharing alcohol at parties.

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SmellsLikeTeenStrop Sat 08-Jan-11 23:30:34

I was at a party tonight and one of the guests brought some bottles of wine but kept them by her chair and drank steadily from them all night. The rest of us who had brought drink had dumped it in the kitchen and just grabbed a glass or bottle of whatever was going.

AIBU to think this was a bit weird and rude?

ENormaSnob Sat 08-Jan-11 23:33:04

How strange.

I've always just handed bottles to host or put beers to cool etc.

julybutterfly Sat 08-Jan-11 23:33:07

Maybe it was non alcoholic and she's pregnant but trying to hide it..that's what I always assume in these circumstances!

If that's not the case then YANBU

AgentZigzag Sat 08-Jan-11 23:34:26

I can only think she didn't want to drink what else was on offer?

It does look a bit rude if you don't know why she was just drinking her own.

Did she take the bottles she didn't drink with her when she went home though?

maddy68 Sat 08-Jan-11 23:35:56

maybe she only likes certain ones (like I do!)

Smileypeeple Sat 08-Jan-11 23:36:24

I'd like to do this, so I could ensure that I get to drink wine I actually like at parties.

But I don't, as it would look rude and weird.

I admire her balls.

reelingintheyears Sat 08-Jan-11 23:37:36

As julybutterfly said.....
Otherwise she is RUDE.

tethersend Sat 08-Jan-11 23:37:54

YABU for being home from a party at 11.30.

reelingintheyears Sat 08-Jan-11 23:38:54

I don't admire her balls.
I think she is rude,

FudgeGirl Sat 08-Jan-11 23:39:36

I always dump mine in the fridge - then I do get slightly narked if all of mine has been drunk by others and there is none left for me!

That might be why.

FudgeGirl Sat 08-Jan-11 23:41:26

BTW, this is why you'll always find me in the kitchen at parties wink

justonemorethen Sat 08-Jan-11 23:44:08

I think that she knew she wanted what she brought. If you expect people to bring their own then they can drink it surely?

Most people bring party wine to a do and if she was picky then it's fair enough.Although it's probably good form to bring a bottle of anyone stuff to help the party along.

LadyOfTheManor Sat 08-Jan-11 23:45:33

Depends if you're a drink snob.

I've seen people turn up with £20 bottles of wine, drank whatever is going, and left the bottles there.

So I guess that would make sense.
If they weren't "special" or expensive, then I think it's rude.

FabbyChic Sat 08-Jan-11 23:45:52

She would have been better placed to bring a small bottle of spirits, get the mixer from the kitchen and go to the loo to put the spirit in! Then you would not have known!

SmellsLikeTeenStrop Sat 08-Jan-11 23:47:04

julybutterfly not even remotely likely to be pregnant, she and one of my friends spent quite a while swapping notes on their hysterectomies you see.

AgentZigzag that maybe so but to me it still seems quite rude. She was drinking a fairly standard red wine though, and there were other bottles of the same type of red wine. I don't know if she took them home with her as I left quite early.

cat64 Sat 08-Jan-11 23:47:51

Message withdrawn

ENormaSnob Sat 08-Jan-11 23:49:28

Maybe she couldn't be arsed getting up to refill her glass?

Still rude though.

FabbyChic Sat 08-Jan-11 23:51:28

Have you considered the wine might have been alcohol free?

SmellsLikeTeenStrop Sat 08-Jan-11 23:52:40

Not special or expensive wine, it's the kind of stuff you pick up at the supermarket for less then a fiver.

tethersend it's not unreasonable to go home early when you know you are going to be woken up at least twice by a baby demanding a feed.

TheMeow Sat 08-Jan-11 23:52:58

at FudgeGirl.

TrillianAstra Sat 08-Jan-11 23:55:22


If you bring drinks to a party, you bring it to share.

Hoarding and drinking your own is an insult to the hosts and to the other guests, suggesting that their drink is inferior.

TragicallyHip Sat 08-Jan-11 23:56:24

Yes slighty odd because it would then get warm. Bluergh!

justonemorethen Sat 08-Jan-11 23:56:31

Really? Surely it's Bring your own not bring soemthing for everyone. As long as she's not tucking into the wine everyone esle has brought why is it rude?
I think student parties were very civilised .Everyone just brought the best offer in the local supermerket and we drank it till we could find someone to go out for more.

TragicallyHip Sat 08-Jan-11 23:58:15

Ah have just seen it was red wine, Maybe she is a fast drinker and it would be a hassle to keep getting up to go to the kitchen to get a drink?

A friends Dh does this..

bupcakesandcunting Sat 08-Jan-11 23:59:39

I took a bottle of fizz to a house party a few weeks back and got one glass out of it as it got tea leafed by other partygoers.

On the bright side, I got to steal someone else's vodka and fake Red Bull in return, so swings and roundabouts really.

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