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To want to jump up and down....

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CardyMow Sat 08-Jan-11 01:25:38

On both my neighbours' stereo's?? I am 38+6 weeks pregnant, an have pregnancy insomnia, so am waking up at the arsecrack of dawn 5.30am at the moment.

Silly me thought that wasn't a problem with my other 3 dc at school, as I'd be able to have naps during the day. Which would be all well and good if Neighbour 'A' on the right hand side of me hadn't decided that today was the perfect day to play 80's love songs (!) full fucking blast for over 3 solid hours.

Fast forward to tonight, I thought, oh well, I'll get an early night, so I went to bed at 10pm, being well and truly bolloxed after being awake since 5.30am and having to go food shopping and do school runs.

But no. Neighbour 'B' on my left hand side has ecided that tonight is the perfect night to come in from the pub at 1am with a load of friends, and sit in the garden getting even more pissed and loud with her music playing.

And there is absolutely no point in me knocking on either of their doors as Neighbour 'A' doesn't even open the door, an Neighbour 'B' although very polite when sober, will just tell me to "Fuck off as it's her house and she can do what she wants" and slam the door in my face when she's drunk. <<Bitter voice of experience here>>

FFS! So WIBU to go round to both neighbours' houses and jump up and down with the whole weight of my 9 months pregnant self on both their steroes???

Spenguin Sat 08-Jan-11 01:29:25

Tomorrow morning, especially when B is hungover, let your kids scream and wail...crank their decibel level!

outnumbered2to1 Sat 08-Jan-11 01:30:04

easy answer is to dial your local police station not 999 and make a complaint about the noise level. and the lateness of the hour and the fact that you have small children in the house. Also explain that she gets abusive if you try to ask her to turn it down. If they have someone available they will send them round to bang on her door and tell her to turn it down.
You have my sympathies.

CardyMow Sat 08-Jan-11 01:30:42

DC are too old for screaming and wailing unfortunately! The littlest is 7yo.

CardyMow Sat 08-Jan-11 01:33:34

Ahahaha outnumbered. Our local police refuse to come out. It's been going on for 6 farking years now. My housing association just tell me to keep diary sheets, which I dutifully fill in and send back to them, one every 3 months they will 'have a word' with Neighbour 'A' and Neighbour 'B'...and that's it! I've even been told by the HA that as I'm the ONLY person in the street that complains about noise after 11pm, that I've just got to put up with it, as it's not bothering anybody else. hmm.

outnumbered2to1 Sat 08-Jan-11 01:35:43

oh no - bloody useless bloody HA bloody diary sheets....

oh no you poor thing - fuck it - when you get up at 5am and turn your stereo up as loud as it will go

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