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Acussed of racist insults, police came round!

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HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:14:53

Aibu to think this woman should be charged with with wasting police time ?

Long story so please bear with me. I am a regular who had name changed and I'm not out to start some kind of racism argument.

My ds is ill with flu and finally took him to the gp today and he has been given ab's for an ear infection. I then had to drag a poorly crying child to the chemist.

We got the prescription and was trying to manage a few bags and carry ds who was crying. It's fair to say I was harassed. I got to the door and an Asian lady ( yes that's relevant) was coming in and she held the door. To my shame I didn't say thankyou but I was so harressed. She muttered something to me about being rude, and to be fair Id have been the same.

I got outside and was putting ds into his car seat when this lady came out. Her car was parked right next to mine. I looked up and said 'look I'm sorry about not saying thanks I was just so distracted by my son' she launched into a big attack on me telling me I was rude and inconsiderate. So I basically said I was sorry again but there was no need for her to get so aggressive. She then started ranting big time so I just got in the car and drove off. Didn't think much about it for the rest of the day.

Next day ds was still poorly. Just after lunch there was a knock and it was the police. They came in and a rather brupt pc told me they'd had a complaint of racist abuse against me. They wanted me to the station with them. I explained I had nobody to watch ds so they agreed that I could attend the next day. Very horrible female pc said if it wasn't for ds she would arrest me.

I was in absolute bits, dh had to come home from work.

Next morning we attended the police station and although I wasn't arrested I had to give an interview under caution. It was only then that I found out exactly what was happening.

The lady from the day before had phoned the police after I had left in my car. She said I told her to 'shut up p@@@i and that'd I said she should f'off back to her own country. She said she then got in her car and that I was dragging my ds by the arm to the car and that he was upset and screaming and that I was shouting and swearing at him.

There is absolutely no truth in anything she said. Fortunately the policeman who interviewed us knew her of old and told us this woman has a history of fabricating stories and reporting people to the police.

Why the hell would somebody do something like that? It's not a game where you can trbandget somebody arrested just because they piss you off. And shouldn't the police do some about the fact that she I'd wasting police time?

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:15:27

Sorry for typos

giraffesCantDirtyDance Fri 07-Jan-11 01:19:17

Thats awful. Assume police believe you then? Glad to hear they took her story serously as if that had happened would be awful, but its equally awful to make that up over some sort of grudge about not saything thank you.

Assume some of this supposed rant/you dragging ds would be on cctv, so she can be disproved that way.

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:23:43

Yeah they believe me and it is all on CCTV although you can't hear what is being said. Also she said because I was being abusive to her she got in her car and drove off but the footage clearly shows me driving off long before her

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:25:25

I understand why the police had to talk to Me but the female officer who was at my home was treating me like I was already guilty

TheFarSide Fri 07-Jan-11 01:25:49

That's a terrible story. I wonder what would have happened if she was not already known to the police.

PinkElephantsOnParade Fri 07-Jan-11 01:25:53

Sorry but don't expect the police to do anything about her.

I know it is crap but they can't be bothered.

The sad fact is that any nutter can walk into a police station and make false accusations againsyt you and they will get away with it.

The police just can't understand why you are not just relieved when they eventually drop the matter and don't just scuttle off and not bother them.

giraffesCantDirtyDance Fri 07-Jan-11 01:26:08

You cant hear but can tell my mannerisms etc which police will be able to tell from experience if abusive or not.

Thats really crap of her to do that, imagine no cctv and no history of that - they might nothave believed you and you could have got in to real trouble/affected your job etc

How ere things left with police?

charliesmommy Fri 07-Jan-11 01:27:16

so did this happen today, yesterday, or the day before.. cos I am struggling to follow the timeline..

outnumbered2to1 Fri 07-Jan-11 01:29:45

unfortunately for you the police have to treat any reported racial abuse as "real" regardless of who is reporting even if they have previous for making things up.

So sorry for you having to go through that and your poor DS must have been traumatised by arrival of police at your house.

PS - next time you see the auld biddy (scottish for old lady - not racists honest) i'd slam the bloody shop door in her face and really give her something to complain about.... (sorry that is a really childish response but hey ho)

KatieMiddleton Fri 07-Jan-11 01:32:12

Gosh how awfully upsetting. I'm not surprised you want her prosecuted but tbh I don't know if it's in the public interest. Obviously if she makes a habit of making false accusations then that's different.

I fear you will find because this is aibu this thread will descend into a bun fight with some dubious views being expressed so you may want to pull the thread before that? Totally up to you of course but I think if I were in your shoes I'd find that on top of the police business much worse.

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:33:50

Sorry my op is a bit confusing. It happened on Tuesday, police came round Wednesday and then had to attend station this morning.

This woman could have caused so much upset. I work with young children and so have an annual crb. Plus my own little boy was really upset because the bloody stupid police woman said they were going to arrest me in front of him.

giraffesCantDirtyDance Fri 07-Jan-11 01:35:15

I dont think yabu for wanting it to happen but think its unlikely to unless she does it lots - I assume because of money/resources VS the number of times she offends.

KatieMiddleton Fri 07-Jan-11 01:35:42

You can complain about the police conduct if you feel it's worth it. It'll be very stressful and might be best to just let it go?

giraffesCantDirtyDance Fri 07-Jan-11 01:36:52

Sounds like a traumatic experience. What have you explained to ds?

outnumbered2to1 Fri 07-Jan-11 01:38:37

heusedtobringmeroses was the female police officer small? i only ask because i have found in my dealings that they are the ones who like to be "big and tough" and go all "hey i am an officer of the law" like Judge Dredd on you

sorry if that is being flippant and i am not trying to negate what happened in anyway but she had no right to make that comment about arresting you....

Katey1010 Fri 07-Jan-11 01:40:05

You might want to check in legal as well since you say they interviewed you under caution. If you have to have an enhanced CRB I think the Police can release info about other matters (not just prosecutions as in a normal CRB).

In that case, a complaint against the Police/the woman may help you.

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:40:05

I am really shaken up by it all and although part of me wants to do something about it I don't think my nerves can cope with anything else at the moment. The worse thing is I despise racism and to be accused of it is humiliating! I would hang my head in shame if I had actually said what she accussed me of

PinkElephantsOnParade Fri 07-Jan-11 01:40:58

As you have to have an annual CRB it is lucky that they did not arrest you as this record would have shown up on an enhanced CRB forever.

Did you get legal representation in your interview under caution?

TimeForACHEEKYWine Fri 07-Jan-11 01:41:21

that sounds awful

PinkElephantsOnParade Fri 07-Jan-11 01:42:14

Katey, I don't think anything would show in an enhanced CRB unless Op was actually placed under arrest.

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:44:55

I told ds that sometimes people are naughty and tell lies and the the police just wanted to find out who was telling the truth. After we had been to the station I told him that I had explained what had happened and that the police knew mummy was telling the truth so I am not in any trouble.

PinkElephantsOnParade Fri 07-Jan-11 01:46:04

Your poor DS, HUTBMR.

Hope he is reassured now.

HeUseToBringMeRoses Fri 07-Jan-11 01:47:01

No legal rep there, they didn't even ask if I wanted one tbh and I never thought about it. God I'm a bit naive really. The officer who interviewed me did let dh come in the interview room though

KatieMiddleton Fri 07-Jan-11 01:50:01

They interviewed you under caution and didn't offer you legal representation? Did they not read you your rights?

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