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implants instead of pill

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Trillian Thu 06-Jan-11 07:01:51

I am due to have an implant today, but after reading the failure rate in yesterdays paper I am not sure I want one.

Anyone with any experience/advice please

theevildead2 Thu 06-Jan-11 07:13:31

I had one, I had no side affects and no periods while I was on it. So I highly recommend.

Pompoko Thu 06-Jan-11 07:17:38

I have the implant and have not fallen pregnant in the 2 years its been in.

My only problem is it gives me double periods. So, I will have one period, then when it finishes I get 1 - 3 days then have another blooming period

Also, it is slowly traviling up my arm confused

Will carry on having them though! There is no faffing with comdoms or pills or regular injection

Trillian Thu 06-Jan-11 07:19:03

Even now they are saying it does not work well?
I have a completed family and I do not want any more children, I am on the mini pill but but due to other health problems I get a lot of upset stomachs and worry about it not working, they tried to fit a coil but could not so this is the only option.

Thank you for your reply theevildead,

Trillian Thu 06-Jan-11 07:20:04

Thank you Pompoko

Pompoko Thu 06-Jan-11 07:28:33

Hope I havnt put you off trillian grin

JessicaRabid Thu 06-Jan-11 07:36:32

The issue with the implants is people not fitting them properly, so don't be afraid to ask if there have been any issues linked to their surgery.
I had one for 2 years, it gave me lots of irregular bleeding for the first year. You really have to stick it out to see if you like it. Once it settled down it was great and is great to not have to worry about taking pills etc

missnevermind Thu 06-Jan-11 08:07:11

They are not saying that they do not work.
What they are saying is that they do not work properly if fitted incorrectly, the same as anything else. Have a chat with your HCP when you get there, ask how many they have fitted? How long have they been doing them?
They will put you at ease about it. I had three, had the third taken out early as planned more children and have recommended them to everybody, they are so much easier/better than the pill and when fitted correctly actually more effective by about 0.3%

Rosedee Thu 06-Jan-11 08:48:45

Had mine taken out after 3 months. Bleeding non stop, horrific mood swings, doc struggled to get it out and was left with a hole in my arm for ages till it healed up. Never again.
They did suggest the pill on top to regulate bleeding, might as well just go on the pill then I said. I think it wildly varys how well it works for people so it's a try it and see situation.

frgr Thu 06-Jan-11 08:54:38

i used it as my main form of contraception for years, about 8 in total. loved mine. no issues with the fitting (mostly done at FP clinic due to easy opening hours) with the exception of a single fitting at my local GP with a Dr who admitted she'd only ever put one or two in before.

"Even now they are saying it does not work well?"

That's wrong - read the whole of the articles in the news. Headlines are lying. The stories are about the failure of incorrectly inserted implants, and not focused on failure after correct insertion. I'm sure it exists too, but the fact is that the hundreds of failures over a decade have been mostly centered around doctors and nurses fitting these implants who didn't know what they were doing i.e. implants still in the chamber! How anyone can be that incompetent is beyond me - didn't these women attend the 6 week checks or wonder why they couldn't feel it if pressed on the arm?

Read beyond the newspaper scare story headlines - there really is no story here, beyond a worthy look at the training medical staff receive to fit them.

Thandeka Thu 06-Jan-11 08:55:19

There are lots of blogposts on this drpetra's best to read- the reporting is misleading- of few hundred who had problems- a million or so didn't so is still 99%effective. suggest doing some more reading before deciding. I work in sexual health and we are worried about women making knee jerk reactions to this poor reporting.

fezsarecool Thu 06-Jan-11 09:01:08

Thandeka - do you know if there is any results yet for research on long term side effects of implant?

I would like to have the implant but couldn't be told any long term side effects. Nervous just to use it considering the depo's side effects. Bone loss etc.

frgr Thu 06-Jan-11 09:02:46

a lot of smart comments on this thread from earlier in the week: ailures-lead-to-unwanted-pregnancies

Conflugenglugen Thu 06-Jan-11 09:22:55

I managed to tolerate the implant for just under a year. Couldn't do it. My periods ended up increasing in length by a few days every month, until at the end I was practically bleeding constantly. This doesn't always happen, but it is a relatively normal complication/side effect. If you read the stats, about half of women have no problem with their periods, or their periods stop. Of the other half, about 80%, I think, have it removed because of irregular bleeding.

So, a thumbs down from me.

lalalonglegs Thu 06-Jan-11 09:53:27

I had implants for 8 years - they were brilliant.I would heartily recommend and, as many others have pointed out, its incorrect insertion rather than a failure of the implant that has caused pregnancies. (I was an early adopter, part of a trial group that were given them in the mid-1990s and I was told by the doctor who fitted mine that there had never been a pregnancy using implants except when the client had conceived within the first couple of days after fitting before the hormones had had a chance to kick in - we were recommended to use other contraception for the first month.)

thefinerthingsinlife Thu 06-Jan-11 10:04:05

I had the implant and bled heavily for 6 months, and I had to make huge fuss to get them to remove it.

I would never have it again, sorry

JamieLeeCurtis Thu 06-Jan-11 10:05:23

The reporting of this has been unnecessarily alarmist, IMO

NinkyNonker Thu 06-Jan-11 10:05:54

A friend swears by hers. I wouldn't as I am sqeamish about having something in my body I can't take out.

MrsLevinson Thu 06-Jan-11 10:12:49

I had mine put in a couple of months ago. So far it's fine, I've had about 2 days of very light bleeding. My GP said the problem had been that some doctors were fitting them, but the implant wasn't actually going in, it was staying on the injector, so the women concerned weren't being protected at all. He said that when fitted properly they are as close to 100% effective as you can get. He pointed out that it can be felt under the skin, so I know it's there.

xfirsttimemummyx Thu 06-Jan-11 10:15:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BettyCash Thu 06-Jan-11 10:17:48

Mine gave mood swings but I think they're probably very good for some women - also, failure rate comes from implants that WERE NOT INSERTED - I think it's well publicised enough now that the doctor will be well aware of yr concern.

greygirl Thu 06-Jan-11 10:27:53

in manchester we have had a problem with women removing their implant after they were put in and then claiming damages. i am not sure of the numbers, but i wonder if it has contributed.
600 pregnancies compared to the number fitted must be very small. think how many women get pregnant on the pill!

TheRunawayWife Thu 06-Jan-11 10:36:52

Scary stuff

lalalonglegs Thu 06-Jan-11 10:41:06

greygirl - I don't get it. They have them removed and then say that they want damages for what? <<being thick>>

systemsaddict Thu 06-Jan-11 10:43:05

560-odd pregnancies from 1.3 million users? I'll take those odds! (due to have mine fitted in a few weeks). I think even sterilisation has a higher failutre rate than that.

Can't believe this made the news as a contraception failure story. 'Implant has excellent success rate' would have been more like it.

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