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to attempt to give up the internet?

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singingcat Wed 05-Jan-11 23:57:12

Honestly, it's such a time suck. There's online papers, Youtube, constant email checking, not to mention This Place (like crack).

I shudder to think of the number of hours I have wasted online which could have been spent doing other things.

I used to read a lot. Now I have the attention span of a gnat. I am typing this while watching telly confused

I really think I need to give up the internet (except for emails and checking the weather).
Does anyone feel the same?

Prolesworth Wed 05-Jan-11 23:58:20

Message withdrawn

FabbyChic Thu 06-Jan-11 00:00:30

I must spend 12 hours a day parked on me fat arse on the internet.

I too used to enjoy reading.

This is doing nothing for my studies at all.

SlightlyJaded Thu 06-Jan-11 00:18:23

I had a rare day of no work and no DCs to day.

Great, I thought. I will get loaaaaads done.

Did I fuck? No I sat on flipping mumsnet t'internet all day. Literally. Ate soup at my laptop.

BuzzLightBeer Thu 06-Jan-11 00:21:14

yup, couldn't quit even if I could though, since I am studying the internet, on the internet, iyswim?

singingcat Thu 06-Jan-11 00:22:50

My frigging laptop has wireless, that's the problem. It's always there. If I had to walk 100 yards for it, I guarantee my use would drop by 99%

SlightlyJaded Thu 06-Jan-11 00:30:02

I am now at the mercy of iPad as well as laptop. Lovely but lethal

Niecie Thu 06-Jan-11 00:30:33

Do I feel the same about the drain on my time that is the internet? Hell yes!!

Will I do anything about it? No, probably not.blush

It doesn't even make that much difference when my laptop is out of action. I have a desktop which is up 2 flights of stairs (in a loft conversion) and I just go up there when I am without a laptop and totally ignore my family.

theevildead2 Thu 06-Jan-11 00:50:45

YANBU, but the fact that you came online to ask the question shows a lack of commitment to the cause!Don't think you'll last very long...

singingcat Thu 06-Jan-11 00:53:01

well spotted.

The intent is to start tomorrow, as always...

sims2fan Thu 06-Jan-11 02:01:54

Ooooh yes, I really should give it up. I usually check Facebook, read a bit of Mumsnet, check an online news site, check my emails, search for jobs (which is really all I should do online!), then think, 'I'll just check Facebook again,' then, 'I wonder if anyone else has commented on that Mumsnet post I replied to' and check that, etc. I can spend whole days (and nights obviously, as I blatantly should be in bed!) on the internet, instead of doing worthwhile things. I know what you mean about attention span. I still love to read (though haven't picked up a book in weeks), but have to force myself to read a page properly, or I find myself skim reading every page and not focusing properly on the story!

MrsCrafty Thu 06-Jan-11 02:53:12

Yep, I used to get terribly involved with a forum and was literally on it 24/7.

The day I was accused of being a drunk/alcoholic/racist/mysogynist/bigot & anything else you can name really, was the day I left internet forums.

My home life improved immediately. I wasn't tied up or worried about what might be going on online.

The dreadful thing about internet forums is that people begin to think that they are real. I didn't but there were people comforting people whom they had never met after posters saying something that upset someone.

Oh and my house became much cleaner.

Chandon Thu 06-Jan-11 07:41:08

I feel the same.

Instead of going cold turkey, I was thinking of limiting myself to 1 hr max to start with.

I hate having spent 2 hrs on MN at the end of the day!!!!

I sometimes get great advice here, but waste too much time nosying around...

am off now!

BeenBeta Thu 06-Jan-11 07:53:15

Nah. Just give in to it. grin

I work on the internet all day. I havent read a book in 10 years. I read loads and loads every day so I know far more about what is going on in the world than by watchng nes and reading newspapers.

I just dont watch TV as my TV watching time is now internet time.

Fizzylemonade Thu 06-Jan-11 08:04:44

Interesting thread, Book of the Week on Radio 4 this week is "The winter of our disconnect" where a mother bans anything electronic for 6 months mainly because of her 3 teen children.

Sadly you now need the internet for bbc iplayer to listen to it grin It was on at 9.45 this week. I tuned in Tuesday when she reads the part about unplugging everything computer related etc and the inevitable "I'm bored" statements from the children.

We have a "no electronic" Wednesday for the children, no tv, no computer or nintendo DS. It is going really well, but then they are only 7 and 4. We have been doing it since October.

I am cutting my time down on youtube, could spend hours on it reliving the 80's through music, tv shows and adverts grin

hystericalmum Thu 06-Jan-11 08:07:09

I think this. I must stop wasting my time. But I am suckered in by another thread. And so on.
Perhaps I shall switch off now till lunch time. fat chance

hystericalmum Thu 06-Jan-11 08:12:36

I am switching off. Well I have to get the baby dressed & do the school run! grin

BeenBeta Thu 06-Jan-11 08:40:36

I've delivered mine to school and had my breakfast.

We live next to the school. grin

TrillianAstra Thu 06-Jan-11 09:03:08

Give up the internet? Madness. What century do you live in?

I love the internet.

clutha Thu 06-Jan-11 09:06:58

*Yep, I used to get terribly involved with a forum and was literally on it 24/7.

The day I was accused of being a drunk/alcoholic/racist/mysogynist/bigot & anything else you can name really, was the day I left internet forums.*

Sorry MrsCrafty, couldnt help but note the irony of the above being posted on an internet forum grin

Im going thru this very issue now.
In the wider re-assessing my priorities, confronting the media information overload psychological disorder many of us are succumbing to these days, etc, etc.

The problem is it really is a psychological addiction, a crutch.
When you get home your soul and higer brain tells you you need to read that book, pass that exam, grow those veg, write that letter to a long lost freind, play that game with your child, do that meditation or yoga, make that herbal remedy, etc, etc, all the stuff thart indicates personal development and improvement and adventure.

But when you walk thru that door, your small quick fix brain tell you to switch on that telly, have that fag, just catch up wotyh my FB 'friends', check out the lastest disagreement to your forum POV, eat that mcdonalds, etc, etc.
You tell yourself its not interfering with your personal development plans for that day, as its only gonna be 10 mins to help you wind down first.

But your higher source knows your small brain is pulling a con, but you still beleive it evertime.
then, unsurprisingly, the quick wind down has become your eveing and the menaing of your life, has become you identity.
another day, another disapoinment.

But you cant kick this shit straight off.
you need a plan.
First you need to have long conversations with yourself:
Is a forum about mothers really about "real mothers", or is it a forum about "mothers on a forum", (in my revelation, it was dogs).
On FB, am i catching up w/my friends, or am i catching up w/my digital representation of my friends?
Is it that important in life to have OPINION. Is opinion and the need to be seen to make it loud and proud really tha that important in the grand scheme of things.
Does that arrangment of 5 words replied to me really matter?
Have i noticed how all the people on the TV that i admire spend all their time not wathcing telly and achieving stuff?
Have i noticed how all those great movie characters dont have TV's?
Have you heard that Tv presenters barely have time to wathc telly, as they are high achievers?
Do i like the feeling of constant self guilt and disappointment?
Do i remember how i felt more fulfilled in my childhood of climbing trees, etc?
Do i remember the feeling of quietitude and slowness?
Do have depression, anxiety disorder (latter in my case)?
How is my soul?
how are the souls of my loved ones?
What would i truly like from life?

After all that, you think, fuck.

My next stage was to embark on cognitive behaviour therpay exercise via a book from the library and a site called moodgym.
All free.
CBt tells essentially helps you to coach your brain into new habits, processes, and behaviors, as a oach would do for your body.

Then make small steps:

In my case.
Dump FB, replaced it with some better directed IM options such as skype (free).
Got my fiance, whom, btw, has a self discipline on the net, to passowrd the laptop at agreed times.
Got rid of the telly and rely on various web sites for shows i find a specific choice of pleasure to wach, instead of the usual telly is on all night, just watch it all approach.
I could not have dumped the telly without the option of radio.
As you do need that background sound to fill the void.
But the radio seems to add somehting to your environment...relaxation, comfort, support, unlike the whirs, flicker, amnd noise of the obtrusive TV.
One can read study etc to the radio, unlike the TV.
A DAB radio is a God send

Some yoga and meditation

A list of things you wish to do instead.
But DONT focus on the list...let it drip into the new schedule in an evolving way.
You will notice a new sense of homely pottering in the evenings, you wont have a big housework schedule, you have a spontaneous flow about it.

Allow for unexpected events, such as the flu.
in fact, expect such events, so you wont be annoyed when they get in the way.

And the rest im still working on, but im getting their.

I can actually feel my inner being has changed and is changing the last 6 weeks, Almost as if i am becoming a new person.
I have slips up, you are meant to. Its feedback for learning and tinkering.

Mumsnet has been a bit of a slip up of sorts, not that i am just on it, but the way i have got hooked into some unnecesariness.
So i customised the site and dont look at some stuff.
Im still deciding if i need to be on here, this thread has offered me one of those self assessment learning moments, my higher self is telling me the effect MN has had on my new self may not have been beneficial to the plan, should i stay?

MrsCrafty Thu 06-Jan-11 20:40:10

Clutha, I agree with everything you have said and now I pop in and out rather than being online all of the time. What you also notice when this happens is that the very people who may be giving 'real life' advice to people are the ones who are online for most of the day.

It was a few years back that I was addicted anyway.

It's very easy to get addicted to forums. You begin to feel that the people who seem to know everything are very real people who seem to know so much and have fantastic lives when realistically, most are not having much life as they are too busy logging on. I know, because I was doing it for a while.

Now I have come back for another day just to have a look. Time to sign off for another week and meet up with friends and generally enjoy 'real life'.

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