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Flu Jab

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MatureUniStudent Wed 05-Jan-11 18:19:58

Saw my doctor last week and asked if my sons should have the flu jab in light of the media discussions about the flu jab. One son has a heart condition and the other has lost bowels and has compromised kidneys. Yes the Doctor said, so I brought then straight into the surgery for their flu jab. Sorry said the nurse I cannot give them the flu jab as I asked a doctor and he said no. Oh said I but 10 mins ago the other doctor said yes. So the nurse checks and all is OK and my sons are given the flu jabs. One needs a second jab (under 12) - phone to arrange it today, receptionist says that they have been advised that children can't have the flu jab.

My point is - if one doctor says one thing, the nurse another, the receptionist dosen't know, the guidance the surgery has been given by the NHS is that children DON'T get the flu jab, why then is the NHS saying they need it and all the media are echoing it.
If the take up of the flu jab is low, we are about to have a pandemic (if some papers are to be believed) then what on earth is a poor parent to do? Someone needs to make a decision.

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