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3 things Id never know about you

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NorwegianMoon Wed 05-Jan-11 11:52:44

I am unsure to whether this has been done before but here goes mine...

1. I had a near death experience

2. I saw a UFO fly over my house

3. I am a Muslim

now go!

nickschick Wed 05-Jan-11 11:55:26

1/ I chopped of the tip of my thumb on a bottle of bud.

2/I can curl my tongue

3/I was on a double page spead of woman mag and i have a personal letter from MO al fayed.

YourCallIsImportant Wed 05-Jan-11 11:58:04

1. I had a near death experience too.
2. I saw a UFO once too.
3. I get migraines.

KindleTheSky Wed 05-Jan-11 12:00:39

1. My dad was famous.
2. I didn't wear shoes until i was seven.
3. I didn't learn to read until I was 11.

sheepgomeep Wed 05-Jan-11 12:02:01

I have simian lines on both hands

I am left handed

I have a degree in English Lit

NorwegianMoon Wed 05-Jan-11 12:02:31

what are simian lines sheep?

meltedmarsbars Wed 05-Jan-11 12:02:49

Not telling you - so you'll still never know!

Hah! grin

altinkum Wed 05-Jan-11 12:03:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 05-Jan-11 12:05:54

Simian lines.... cool.

I dont.

I just have dry wrinkly old hands and I am only 27. hmm

sheepgomeep Wed 05-Jan-11 12:08:11

if you google simian lines you will find out, I'm hopeless at links. They are basically a single crease that goes straight across the palm instead of the usual creases.

To have one is rare but to have two is very rare indeed.

Tn0g Wed 05-Jan-11 12:08:54

Kindle, I'm interested in knowing more about you.

sheepgomeep Wed 05-Jan-11 12:09:50

who was your dad kindle <nosy>

KindleTheSky Wed 05-Jan-11 12:09:59

Well, I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you wink Lets just say I have had a very interesting life.

Tn0g Wed 05-Jan-11 12:10:24


backwardpossom Wed 05-Jan-11 12:10:33

This link should help


nagynolonger Wed 05-Jan-11 12:11:21

1. I'm sure I've had a previous life. I know I've visited places before even when I haven't IYSWIM.

2. I sing hymns when I'm alone in the car....proper ones not the songs they do at church!

3. I hate shopping, but have never shopped online.

KindleTheSky Wed 05-Jan-11 12:12:00

I will tell you the other two. I spent a large part of my childhood running wild in another country. I am very dyslexic. I can't tell you the answer to number one for obvious reasons.

MorticiaAddams Wed 05-Jan-11 12:12:11

Oooh, I have a simian line but only on my right hand. I didn't realise I was so special. I shall have to google to see what it means and hopefully will find out how wonderful I am (as opposed to being a monkey!)

StAnne Wed 05-Jan-11 12:14:49

1. I've had sex with two women
2. I've had sex with 2 men at the same time
3. I used to be slim and sexy! Honest
Now I'm a middle-aged, dumpy, grumpy old Mum and people don't flirt with me in that way anymore confused sad

RealityIsShaggingWithIntent Wed 05-Jan-11 12:16:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 05-Jan-11 12:16:25

I have a simian line on both hands - I had no idea it was so unusual until I read this thread grin


1) I have just discovered I have simian lines grin
2) I have a Morrocan paternal grandmother, a half french/half Spanish paternal grandfather, and Irish maternal grandparents - maternal grandfather has French ancestry.
3) I pushed Duncan Goodhew into a swimming pool when I was 10.

NorwegianMoon Wed 05-Jan-11 12:19:24

you have very freaky hands. i mean that in the nicest possible way! have doctors discussed it with you? do your parents have them?

Doigthebountyeater Wed 05-Jan-11 12:19:36

1. I used to be a church bellringer.
2. I nearly got onto Come Dine With Me (but didn't boo!)
3.I got off with one of GBH (hardcore punk band)

twirlymum Wed 05-Jan-11 12:20:53

1) I have a Blue Peter badge.

2) I SHOULD be very rich (but I'm sadly not).

3) I am a member of MENSA.

ln1981 Wed 05-Jan-11 12:21:15

1. my dad played pro football for a couple of seasons in the seventies (no, hes not famous!)
2. my grandfather has worked with the same football club for nearly 40 years
3.i represented Welsh/N.Irish universities at golf.

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