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to believe the mirrors in Next are, in fact, EVIL?

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ElectricSoftParade Tue 04-Jan-11 16:48:48

My son was given a coat for Christmas which I needed to take back. I did and had a little look around and saw a dress I liked so thought I would try it on.

In the changing room I looked at myself in my underwear and was horrified to see what appeared to be a very large woman looking back at me. She looked a little like me but, my god, her backside was truely an awesome sight. Huge and lumpy and HUGE! I whipped round but she had disappeared. I was very shaken.

I think the mirrors are EVIL and something should be done to stop other innocent women having such a distressing experience. I mean, my backside does not look like that when I look at my bedroom mirror (with the lights off!).

backwardpossom Tue 04-Jan-11 16:51:23

Unfortunately for me, it's not limited to mirrors in Next...

mutznutz Tue 04-Jan-11 16:51:58

That wont have been will have been the famous ghost known as 'Lady of the lardarse'....she can bee seen frequenting ladies changing rooms up and down the land...and yes she is BLOODY evil so stay well clear!!

ElectricSoftParade Tue 04-Jan-11 16:53:18

Ah, now I haven't been shopping for a while so will test out other shops. Put me right off buying the dress as well and I needed a nice sit down with coffee and cake to help with the shock.

ElectricSoftParade Tue 04-Jan-11 16:54:40

"Lady of the Lardarse" grin

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