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in being convinced i'm going to die on Tuesday?

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KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 17:35:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pranma Sun 02-Jan-11 17:39:42

Hope you are ok-yanbu to be afraid,anyone would be, but the odds are massively in your favour.I will be thinking of you and hoping for a good result.Fwiw I'd go for the GA especially as you are so afraid.

Hassled Sun 02-Jan-11 17:44:43

I'd go for the GA too. You'll be OK; the hospital might be dismal but they're not incompetent idiots. And your DS2 was born a good few years ago (I think) - they'll be far more copped on now. The best of luck with it all.

fortyplus Sun 02-Jan-11 17:46:23

Hey kerry you know I had a hysteroscopy a few years ago a few months before I went for endometrial ablation? I drove myself nuts beforehand with too much googling! smile

Message me on fb or something if you want to. I had no discomfort afterwards even though my polyps were zapped at the same time (tmi probably!)

I asked about LA but consultant strongly recommended G. They inflate your uterus with saline solution so there's more room to look around.

suiledonne Sun 02-Jan-11 17:46:52

What height are you?

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 17:50:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ivykaty44 Sun 02-Jan-11 17:50:59

Tell them your worries when you go into hosptial and let them know they have to give you VIP treatment as your not happy ith the way they have operated int he past.

Hope everything goes ok and I am sure everything will be fine

suiledonne Sun 02-Jan-11 17:52:16

Sorry didn't mean to be nosey but what a bizarre comment for a medical professional to make!

I'm sure you will be fine but it must be difficult not to worry.

Best of luck.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 17:54:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TattyDevine Sun 02-Jan-11 17:58:38

Heheh <<nervous laughter>>

They gave me too much, all it did was make me not feel like I could really breathe and stuff, as my chest was kinda numb. Apparently they could have given me some oxygen "if you wanted"

I'm okay though grin

You'll be right mate, its character building

(sending good vibes for actual results/prognosis etc)

fortyplus Sun 02-Jan-11 17:59:46

We're going to a friend's for dinner in a min but probably won't be late back smile

ItsGraceAgain Sun 02-Jan-11 18:01:17

Post back on Wednesday, Kerry, let us know how you're feeling wink

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 18:05:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 18:06:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fortyplus Sun 02-Jan-11 18:10:42

She'll be just fine - I went out the following evening - though I'm lucky enough not to feel queasy when I have a GA. smile

fortyplus Sun 02-Jan-11 18:12:06

kerry - 'i'm going to be making video messages for the dc on ds2's new vid cam.'

I'm afraid I'm laughing now! grin

With you not at you, obviously... wink

GentleOtter Sun 02-Jan-11 18:14:59

Kerry- you will be fine and are worrying too much about the procedure.
Are you able to have a word with one of the theater nurses? They would be able to explain the entire process and put your mind at rest. Take your husband with you.

For what it is worth, I had this done and despite being nervous like you, was ok afterwards.
You will be fine, honestly.

TattyDevine Sun 02-Jan-11 18:23:48

I had a risky op last year, I "got my affairs in order"

I like a bit of drama grin

TechnoKitten Sun 02-Jan-11 18:26:44

I really wouldn't have a spinal for hysteroscopy. You can get some extremely uncomfortable shoulder pain while it's being done which may make you feel much worse.

YANBU to be concerned if you have had a bad time at the hospital before though.

Single shot spinals for C/S are a little unpredictable and if you're taller than average I'd probably give you a bit more then keep checking the block height. I warn all my patients about the possibility of high blocks though (2 in ~12 years). I wouldn't tell you I was unsure of how much to use unless I had established an extremely good relationship / rapport with you first!

A GA is very safe if you are otherwise fit / well / not massively overweight and you'll recover from it faster.

If you're in the UK you should have the choice to change hospitals if you're really worried (you don't have to give a reason).

I am sure everything will be ok but do let them know how worried you are, they can tailor your care to you better if they know.

Post on Tuesday night / weds morning when it's all done!

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 18:31:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jaquelinehyde Sun 02-Jan-11 18:32:37

shock can't believe they said that to you last time!! I would have been terrified.

Make sure you let them know just how nervous you are though it's important that they relax you as much as possible and avoid saying anything stupid even if they are joking!

I wouldn't make a video message, it will upset you too much (it would turn me into an emotional wreck if I thought I was saying goodbye to my 3)try and stay positive over the next few days and concentrate on relaxing and having some fun with the dc's.

traceybath Sun 02-Jan-11 18:35:01

Kerry you will be fine - they do loads of them all the time smile

But I find the older I get and the more I have to lose so to speak the more anxious I get about stuff like operations.

And even in the midst of panic - you are one funny lady grin

narkypuffin Sun 02-Jan-11 18:35:27

I'd go for GA. If you're already anxious in anticipation it'll be stressful for you to be conscious during the procedure. And if anything unexpected did happen they could deal with it more smoothly with you unconscious and calm.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 18:36:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Sun 02-Jan-11 18:39:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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