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To wish a heartfelt Happy New Year...

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Antalya1 Sat 01-Jan-11 01:53:46 all MNetters that have had a less than great year ...and so hope that we all carry on stronger and forge forward in 2011.

Happy New Year to you all..and a heartfelt felt thanks for all the support x

tallwivglasses Sat 01-Jan-11 04:21:50

Happy New Year to you too Ant. 2010 wasn't been a great year for the only way is up!

tallwivglasses Sat 01-Jan-11 04:40:18

(Note to self: buy grammar book.)

ChippingIn Sat 01-Jan-11 04:50:02

Antalya - thank you and yes, I hope we can all have a better year this year.

2010 was the worst year of my life and I hope it remains forever so. Although the events of the year cannot be undone and the pain is still there, and always will be, I hope it cannot get worse and therefore I have hope that 2011 will be better than 2010. I hope that makes sense to at least some people.

I would also like to thank all of you, you have helped me through this year, yet most of you will be totally unaware you have done so x

Happy 2011 to all of you!

MsKLo Sat 01-Jan-11 07:07:31

Happy 2011 all x

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