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would you enjoy it?

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roundtable Sat 01-Jan-11 00:55:03

To love love love spending new years with the hubbie! Goingnow he's coming down stairs from the loo...gosh I'm. tiddled!

mutznutz Sat 01-Jan-11 01:01:22

No! I spend every new year with my hubby...infact we spend every night together unless he's on night shift. We hardly ever go out seperately...I think I could count the times on one hand and still have fingers left Lol. He's just settled down to watch the end of a film he started watching this afternoon, then we're off to bed smile

Minshu Sat 01-Jan-11 01:02:00

yanbu hic!

gillybean2 Sat 01-Jan-11 01:02:15

no hubby here, never has been. So would be a novelty to say the least

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