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to split up

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AuntiePickleBottom Sat 01-Jan-11 00:41:12

he is so selfish, he did not even want to spend new years with me.

i have now decided to split from this arse hole and spend time with me

tulpe Sat 01-Jan-11 00:42:51


is there a back story?

SlartyBartFast Sat 01-Jan-11 00:44:04

do you ahve children?

curlymama Sat 01-Jan-11 00:45:29

This is the most common time of year for people to be making this descision apparantly.

Wishing you lots of luck and courage.

AuntiePickleBottom Sat 01-Jan-11 00:45:49

yes we do have children, there is a back story of him neve being there but i have had enough

SlartyBartFast Sat 01-Jan-11 00:50:21

are either or both of you going back to work on 4th january.
dc'sd back to school?

hold out for a wseek.
as mentioend it is the most common type of year.

AuntiePickleBottom Sat 01-Jan-11 00:54:34

i have been at work, he just do not car about me simples

i am going to split from him, after all why should i spend nye on my own

mutznutz Sat 01-Jan-11 00:57:58

Only you can answer that question OP...sadly you've not given enough info really for anyone else to answer you. I'm sorry you're in this position though sad

Tulpe...sorry but how can you say YANBU and then ask if there's a back story???

AgentZigzagGotAGoodGoosing Sat 01-Jan-11 01:31:50

Mutz, just the fact that the OP feels so strongly, kind of says she's NBU.

I know there are always two sides to a story, but nobody can argue that you don't feel the way you do, whatever the DP is up to, he's leaving the OP feeling isolated and at her tethers end.

If the DP was being reasonable, the OP wouldn't be feeling like she does,

Chil1234 Sat 01-Jan-11 08:21:30

Life's far too short to spend it being disappointed and miserable with anyone that doesn't care for you. Children aren't stupid and most would rather Mum and Dad were apart but happy rather than feel responsible that Mum and Dad opted for a life of misery together 'for their sake'.

Even if you're not quite ready to split for good, make arrangements so that you spend a good month or two apart. If you find life is suddenly a lot better then you'll know you made the right choice. If you find you miss each other then you can choose a different path

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