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to be annoyed with DPD Parcel Delivery

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MistyMooBags Fri 31-Dec-10 20:09:36

DP ordered my Christmas present (fairly pricey iphone dock) weeks ago. DPD received it at our local depot for next-day delivery a full working week before the pre-Christmas snow hit us.

Checking their website daily and it still says "arrived at depot" with a date of 13th December.

DP can't phone during the day (no signal) so I've tried to track the parcel myself via the phone, told I'm being transferred to an agent, but get some pre-recorded guff instead about adverse weather conditions and a "Thanks for calling. Goodbye"! If I press the 'delivery dispute' button I get a pre-recorded message telling me "Thanks for calling. Please contact the seller. Goodbye"!

I know it's only three days after a longish break, but would like to know if the parcel will be delivered or if they've 'lost' it! sad

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