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The great tomato ketchup swindle(cheating supermarkets)

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SalvadorDalek Fri 31-Dec-10 20:05:43

We have a plastic squeezy tomato ketchup bottle which when empty we top up from a glass bottle. The plastic bottle is 470g
Today it needed filling up so I got a glass bottle of ketchup (Sainsburys chepo) which was 560g so I decanted it into the plastic one thinking I would have 90g left over
To my horror the ketchup from the larger bottle fitted into the smaller one.
Is someone fiddling the gramage of ketchup and syphoning off the excess? Are the supermarkets fiddling the weights to make more money?

Can supermarkets be trusted to give us the correct weights of foodstuffs and when was the last time you weighed your Branston sandwich pickle to see if it was correct?

Be alert people I think they are going to be more devious in the coming year

juneybean Fri 31-Dec-10 20:06:42

Hmm surely 90g couldn't possibly stick to the sides of the bottle??

StealthPolarBear Fri 31-Dec-10 20:07:08

Might it have settled? so tere would have been a bigger gap in the squeezy bottle?
(or is it the other way round??)

Trading standards!

SalvadorDalek Fri 31-Dec-10 20:09:23

the larger glass bottle was on top of the plastic one and all the ketchup slid out

WillieWaggledagger Fri 31-Dec-10 20:09:28

it's not volume though, so might the Sainsbury's one be denser?

unless you always buy the same glas one of coure

scrappydappydoo Fri 31-Dec-10 20:16:37

perhaps the glass bottle weighs 90g?

acumenin Fri 31-Dec-10 20:20:32

Sainsburys' ketchup is clearly less dense. Must have gone private. wink

charliesmommy Fri 31-Dec-10 20:21:18

please tell me this is a wind up.. [type]

thisisyesterday Fri 31-Dec-10 20:21:35

the bottle itself wouldn't be counted

but as a PP said, the plastic bottle may just have a big gap in it. so although it is sold containing 470g in it, you can actually fit a larger amount in?

interestingly though, I seem to rememeber Heinz (i think) being found to regularly put lower amounts in their bottles and it being ruled that they had to overfill them for x amount of time to make up for it grin

i think that's true as well

acumenin Fri 31-Dec-10 20:22:47

blush Denser. Oh dear.

WillieWaggledagger Fri 31-Dec-10 20:27:10

charlie i seem to remember OP having problems with the colour of his peppers... wink

emmie31 Fri 31-Dec-10 20:28:31

Just read this post to my husband he has literally span out from laughing so much... I will most certainly be weighing my condiments in the future, I will not let the supermarkets get one over on me!!! Thank you for alerting us to this serious matter.


snoozysheep Fri 31-Dec-10 20:29:47

You decant ketchup from a glass bottle into a plastic one? confused

Is that because glass is easier to recycle?

TrillianAstra Fri 31-Dec-10 20:29:49

The froen peppers are not evenly red/orange/green either, or so I hear...

TrillianAstra Fri 31-Dec-10 20:29:55


thisisyesterday Fri 31-Dec-10 20:30:33

ahh i didn't know it was Jason!

still, i think he had a point about the bloody peppers!

SalvadorDalek Fri 31-Dec-10 20:33:37

yes its better to recycle and it is easier to squeeze out of a plastic bottle and it makes a farting noise which makes us laugh

Bollocks to frozen peppers I now buy fresh red ones

TrillianAstra Fri 31-Dec-10 20:33:42

Actually I heard somewhere that SalvadorDalek was UnquietDad - and I have just this second made the connection.

So ignore me, I am a numpty who doesn't recognise DrWho references when she sees them.

TrillianAstra Fri 31-Dec-10 20:34:23

Yes, only buy red pepers, all other colours are inferior. are wannabe red ones, and green ones are evil.

SalvadorDalek Fri 31-Dec-10 20:36:42

carefull talking about colour we dont want this turning into a racist thread (what do you call people who dislike veg because of the colour?)

TrillianAstra Fri 31-Dec-10 20:41:20

IF I were racist in terms of who I would eat I doubt the green peppers people would mind that I turned my cannibalism in other directions.

VickstaS Fri 31-Dec-10 20:43:55

Volume is not the same as weight, the density could be different. You need to repeat your experiment, but weighing the ketchup instead. And preferably do it at least 3 times, to be sure. Let us know...

fiveisanawfullybignumber Fri 31-Dec-10 20:48:16

I'm not surprised as all ketchups are not the same.[shocked]
Only realised this after having to cut dairy out of my diet whilst BF a reflux & food intollerant baby. Asda ketchup and many other cheap ones have milk in it!!! Heinz and Tesco's don't.grin

schroeder Fri 31-Dec-10 21:10:25

Ah ketchup too is it? hmm I have noticed in the past that their plain chocolate is a few grams short when I weigh it.(for baking you know I'm not that anal)

oldraver Fri 31-Dec-10 21:18:43

Five.. I remember having a fit of pique discussion with the Sainsburys hotline about dairy being in their Ketchup. At the time they were running an ad campaign along the lines of .... choose Sainsburys own brand, its cheaper and the same as the market leader

The snotty nice lad on the end of the phone could not comprehend my assertion that it wasnt the same if it had added milk and WTF do they need to put milk in ketchup

I think I was in on a bad mood day

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