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To put a note through the neighbours' doors asking if they're thinking of selling their house?

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mistressploppy Fri 31-Dec-10 10:47:02

We really want to stay on our road but need a bigger house. We were all set to move to the house across the road but it all fell through last week sad

A lot of the neighbours are old........grin blush

Would it be terrible to pop a note through each door saying, 'hello, Mr and Mrs Ploppy here from number 4, we really want to stay in the road etc etc, if you ever think of selling, please drop us a line!'???

I do know a lot of them, so I'm not sure if this is best or if I should ask face to face; I sort of feel that puts people on the spot rather and a letter is easier all round, especially if they want to ignore it.

rivi Fri 31-Dec-10 10:50:58

a good idea imo
know of one family who would have been glad of such a note a couple of years ago.
personally I would be glad right now but only because we want a biggerhouse but can't face the idea of it all so need a push.

SarahStrattonsBaubles Fri 31-Dec-10 10:51:03

No it's how we bought out first house. We'd walked past a lovely house for years and fallen in love with it. The owners had just decided to sell so for us it was fate. Five weeks after we put the letter through their door we moved in. We were very happy there and kept in touch with the old owners until they died 2 years ago.

mistressploppy Fri 31-Dec-10 10:56:27

Aww, that's lovely Sarah. I'm hoping the fact that we're already living in the road will help (it's a rather posh villaaaage, you see)

Problem is, houses here go for zillions, so anyone selling would be crazy not to go for as much cash as poss

DontLetTinselDragOnTheFloor Fri 31-Dec-10 10:58:04

Good lord, yes, write a nice letter. I would handwrite them too so it looks like you've made an effort

BalloonSlayer Fri 31-Dec-10 11:04:47

Blimey yes do it!

We were planning to sell our last house, had had it valued and lined up an estate agent but were waiting have a cosmetic problem fixed before we actually put it on the market. While we were waiting for this to be done, we got a note such as yours through the door. Like you, they lived in a smaller house just up the road and had put a note through all of the houses that were that little bit bigger.

I rang the people. The woman came round that afternoon, and brought her husband that evening. They made us an offer that night, saved us all the estate agent fees and a load of hassle.

It was brilliant. I tend to keep quiet about it IRL as it was the most incredible stroke of luck really.

BalloonSlayer Fri 31-Dec-10 11:07:57

The fact that the neighbours are older might work in your favour. They might be thinking - this place is too much for me but I can't bear the thought of estate agents tramping through, buyers sneering at my lack of modernisation, then not managing to sell etc. A note from someone who actually wants the place could be just the spur they need.

eviscerateyourmemory Fri 31-Dec-10 11:14:17

I think a note would be a brilliant idea. I dont think anyone could be offended?
I would love someone to put a note like that through my door grin

MassiveKnob Fri 31-Dec-10 11:20:08

very good idea. Lots of people could be thinking of moving in the new year, and this could be just the ticket for everyone.

Vallhala Fri 31-Dec-10 11:22:08

Goodness, yes, go for it. That's my dream - I know of 2 properties which I would give my eye teeth to own and when I win the lottery I'll be putting notes through those doors, that's for sure.

You have far more chance of buying the house you want than I have, good luck.

SmokinSanta Fri 31-Dec-10 11:27:29

They might be thinking the same thing - want to stay in the road, but want somewhere smaller! Go for it, you might be able to swap houses!

JellyBelly10 Fri 31-Dec-10 11:27:39

Some friends of ours wanted to live in a particular road in Bengeo in Hertfordshire and the houses rarely came up for sale so they put a note in every door and one owner contacted them...they ended up buying the it really does work! Mind you, they ended up going through an acrimonious split a few years later and selling the house to go their separate ways...oh well, can't win them all!

samay Fri 31-Dec-10 11:31:31

Message withdrawn

MrsJohnDeere Fri 31-Dec-10 11:35:04

Wonderful idea. I'd be thrilled if someone did that with our house!

rdmommy Fri 31-Dec-10 11:38:52

great idea, we did this 6 years ago we were renting in a lovely road dropped notes through the neighbours and bobs your uncle we moved in 16 weeks later!! with no estate agent fees either! good luck grin

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