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To not go because I'm I'll?

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Norabattystights Fri 31-Dec-10 08:43:58

Dh, myself and ds 10 months were due to go to Cardiff to see his parents and grandmother for new years eve and come home on Sunday. Yesterday, I developed a temp of 40.1 and felt really rough all day. This morning, the temp has gone down but I just generally feel like shit. Ds vomited in the night so I think he may be developing something.

Dh and I had a massive row this morning because I said I can't go because I feel ill. He is a doctor and said that because the temp has gone down I should be fine. I know his parents and gran were excited about seeing us but their house is not a particularly comfortable place, more like a show home and they make me bf upstairs which is difficult because ds wants to feed loads at the moment.

Also it is a four hour drive and I just can't face being stuck in inevitable traffic.

Anyway, we have arranged to go next weekend and now dh isn't talking to me.

Norabattystights Fri 31-Dec-10 08:44:51

Ill not I'll. Bloody twatting iPad.

Pheebe Fri 31-Dec-10 08:46:35

If your DH is a doctor he should know better. Could be the start of flu and he should not even be considering taking that to elderly relatives. Tell him to get a grip.

APixieInMyMulledWine Fri 31-Dec-10 08:47:44


I wouldn't go for the pure fact they make you bf upstairs. WTF is that all about?

If you feel like shit then you feel like shit, no doctor, dp or otherwise can tell you any different.

onmyfeet Fri 31-Dec-10 08:49:37

Yanbu. I am sorry you are ill and dh is not very compassionate. Isn't he concerned about your in-laws getting ill? I hope he stops being so grumpy, and your ds doesn't have it too.

Norabattystights Fri 31-Dec-10 08:50:30

I think because he is a doctor he has zero sympathy. I just can't face going but now am going to have a weekend of the silent treatment. Great.

dessen Fri 31-Dec-10 08:57:24

How awful. you & your child should be his first concern. Could he go by himself. If you have to go as soon as you get through the door you could go upstairs to bf (wtf) and just stay there for the whole time.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 31-Dec-10 08:57:40


He should think like a husband and father, not like doctor-knows-best.

And if he insists on being doctor-knows-best he should stand up for the normality of your breastfeeding and ensure you are comfortable bfing in his mother's house.

Maybe that's the problem: his mother. People often find it very difficult to put anyone else before their parents, and that is exactly what you are expecting of him.

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