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To want to take down the xmas decorations now?

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InkyStamp Fri 31-Dec-10 01:31:41

I want to get sorted and tided now. Kids are back at school next week and I want to get back into the swing of things.

DH says we should leave them for the 12 days of Christmas. But that means they wont come down before the kids start school again!


earwicga Fri 31-Dec-10 01:33:11

Yes. You can't take them down until New Years Day.

AgentZigzagGotAGoodGoosing Fri 31-Dec-10 01:37:59

I love the decs up until Christmas day, and then I loathe them completely.

We end up taking ours down the day after boxing day, it's just so depressing else.

We went out for a walk earlier and I could see everyone still had their up and smiled smugly to myself that our dreaded job is done and they're all up in the loft waiting for next year grin

Our house now looks huge and clean.

Fantastic smile

Horopu Fri 31-Dec-10 01:41:36

Taken mine down today. just about to sort and pack away.

salsmum Fri 31-Dec-10 01:46:18

omg I thought it was only me who had these wicked thoughts shock now I see I'm not alone...I just can't be arsed to get the ladder out and get them back into the loft...and my daughter will tell her friends that Mrs Grinch ruined xmas sad

earwicga Fri 31-Dec-10 01:48:23

Which would be true salsmum. Lucky you are lazy grin

TechnoKitten Fri 31-Dec-10 01:51:18

YANBU, I always thought New Year's Eve was the best day to take down decorations. DH has just finished packing ours away

AgentZigzagGotAGoodGoosing Fri 31-Dec-10 01:51:51

I think it's that you have to take them down by the 12th day rather than on the day?

earwicga Fri 31-Dec-10 01:55:22

It's not the 12th Agent, it is 12 days of Christmas which includes the 25th so finished on 5th Jan.

AgentZigzagGotAGoodGoosing Fri 31-Dec-10 01:59:22

hehe I meant the 12th day of Christmas rather than january earwicga, crappily typed.

madwomanintheattic Fri 31-Dec-10 02:00:00

ours always come down around the 1st. when ds was old enough to decide, we asked him if he wanted the decs up or down on his birthday. the answer was down, so i've got the perfect excuse, and they are packed away neatly every year well before school starts.

of course, to get this excuse i had to spend one new year in labour, but it was well worth it. grin

earwicga Fri 31-Dec-10 02:01:02

Sorry Agent. I only knew exactly because I googled it.

I always take mine down late as I get them up late. They piss me off and finally I get round to getting rid of them.

ChampagneTrulyReigns Fri 31-Dec-10 02:10:42

I'd love to take ours down.

My room looks so dark and cramped.


BaggedandTagged Fri 31-Dec-10 02:13:18

taking mine down tomorrow. Have been wanting to do it for a few days now but as we're staying in tonight for the first time in about 20 years (Have a 4mth old DS) thought it might be nice to have the Christmas lights on as we drink our one glass of wine and watch the last episode of Downton before going to bed at 10pm grin

(worst thing is that I'm actually looking forward to this sad state of affairs)

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 31-Dec-10 06:30:00

Ours will come down today. We were away for ten days but coming home to them really pissed me off. DD was desperate to put the tree up as usual, but neither of us are very tenacious so it looks a bit thrown together.
My DD and DH don't go back to school until January 11th. Very envious of you lot whose school age children and partners are back so soon.

Coralanne Fri 31-Dec-10 06:44:01

Took mine down yesterday

WillYouDoTheDangFanjo Fri 31-Dec-10 06:45:30

Our tradition (well, we started 4 years ago by accident when the tree was knocked over & shed every last needle) is to take all the decorations down on the 31st, have a random lunch of any last bits of Christmas food, have a bit of a family spring clean with loud music on, and then have something really healthy & delicious for dinner.

This way we wake up on the 1st to a clean slate, rather than the dregs of last year. I love it.

Coffeebeans Fri 31-Dec-10 06:59:27

yanbu. It's just mess & clutter. I can't wait to take mine down on monday!

goingroundthebend4 Fri 31-Dec-10 07:00:03

mine was down on the 27th .Xmas is over by then .For me I love the kids enjoy the build up after its so flat and then i love how cbig my lounge looks after

onimolap Fri 31-Dec-10 07:02:06

Christmastide lasts 12 days.

Your DH wants a traditional approach. You don't, and want to shorten the festivities in a way that will impact on him.

How do you usually deal with head-on differences within your family?

Georgimama Fri 31-Dec-10 07:05:21

I nearly started this very thread yesterday evening but was so knackered I went to bed instead. Fortunately for me DH is quite happy for the tree to come down (it is looking a litle past its best). Christmas this year was not all I could have hoped for so I will be glad to get the thing down. I will leave the garland on the mantle and the door wreath for a few more days though.

ABudafulSightWereHappyTonight Fri 31-Dec-10 07:07:24

Ours is coming down tomorrow. We are going away on Sunday for a week so need to get it done. We are also moving back to the UK in the summer so I want to sort it all and pack it all away properly for moving so having DH here to help will be useful.

APixieInMyMulledWine Fri 31-Dec-10 07:19:44


Mine came down day after boxing day and didn't I breath a huge sigh of relief when they did.


borderslass Fri 31-Dec-10 07:37:05

As long as there down before epiphany/12th night 6th of January I usually don't care but this year there coming down today didn't even want to put them up in first place.

looplou Fri 31-Dec-10 08:45:41


Mine didn't even go up this year - children didn't seem to mind.

It's only for lazy reasons...would rather be doing something else.

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