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To want some pain relief after my operation

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dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:16:23

Title sums it up. Had an operation on my legs for varicose vain problems yesterday (not in the uk). Pain awful but just given paracetamol. Doesn't help. Tried to get more pain relief whiilst in hospital but only given nurofen equivelent but didn't do anything.

No help so my dh then had to queue at the hospital in a clinic to see a surgeon and did get a prescription for pain relief but when got it ourselves from a phamarcy on the way home(hospital wouldn't give out medicine) we realised it can't be taken if bf. My dh told the doctor I am bf but it was ignored.
Now I can stand with out my legs feeling like they're on fire. I still can't put any pressure on my left leg. The nurses wouldn't give me crutches at the hospital do my dh went to a&e and found a pair.
Just terrible.
Just needed a rant

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:40:16

so dh is now back with a ^pain relief medicine. He had to call the hospital to get the doctor there to give a medicine name, then he had to find a local gp so they could call a pharmacy so the pharmacy could give out the medicine. Later my dh will go to the gp to get the prescription to take it to the pharmacy.

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:41:24

Medicine is Apranax

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:43:29

I have thick compression bandages on both legs and it's my left leg that really hurts at the ankle, knee and right zt the top leg crease

altinkum Wed 29-Dec-10 09:45:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:50:38

Had blood flow problems that caused pain at night and itching in my feet when I was standing up sometimes. So had to have the big work done in hospital - it was just going to get worse with worse problems. Once this is over I'll have the cosmetic aspect sorted out as I have lots of spider veins and discolouration. Something to look forward to !

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:52:34

Had to have veins removed and some tied off.

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 09:58:09

I'm in belgium

TruthSweet Wed 29-Dec-10 09:59:15

dessen - please see here for details on Apranax (aka naproxen). It is apparently relatively safe unless the baby is prem or newborn.

classydiva Wed 29-Dec-10 09:59:54

There will always be pain after an operation, sometimes they do only give general pain killers.

Other times you would get morphine or pethadine.

They may fell that the pain relief you are getting is sufficient.

onmyfeet Wed 29-Dec-10 10:04:25

Oh, that sounds very painful. Apranax is an anti-inflamatory, is that ok to take while nursing?
I hope you have a full and speedy recovery.

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 10:05:50

Thanks for the info truthsweet. My dd is just one year.

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 10:08:53

Classydiva - I accept there will be pain after an op (have given birth with no pain relief & had other operations before) but what gets me is that there was nothing else on offer. Not even crutchs so I could move about - my right leg doesn't hurt

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 10:09:25

thanks onmyfeet

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 10:11:44

classydiva - when I had an op in the uk pain relief afterwards was taken seriously - here it's not

Al1son Wed 29-Dec-10 10:16:16

When I had my second caesarean I had terrible pain but the hospital staff didn't believe me until day 3. When I had first cs and appendix out I was up and about in no time but this one laid me flat. If I tried to move I came close to passing out from the pain. Eventually my DH complained on my behalf and they gave me some decent painkillers. OMG it was such a relief. It still hurt but was manageable.

I did get an apology when they saw the difference it made but it shouldn't have taken so long. Being in severe pain can reduce your mobility which is not healthy.

I hope these painkillers work better for you and you can get on with healing and looking after your LO.

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 10:41:40

Thanks A1ison - it must have been a difficult time for you

KatieSantaPawskitty Wed 29-Dec-10 12:38:49

Hello Dessen - your situation sounds horrendous?
How you feeling now you've downed some pain killers?

I take Naproxen for arthritic pain, has your dose made you feel any better?

What an awful experience for you, the crutches, the non-bf pils, everything. Awful to hear about your experience too A1ison, in this day and age, it's unbelievable and sad to hear.

I hope you are on the mend soon

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 12:44:03

thanks santapawkitty - the medication has helped but I still hurt on my inside leg ankle & can't put weight on my leg. My dh is calling the hospital doctor who did the operation as he's at the hospital now to see what to do. Horrendous thing.Can't understand why no proper pain relief available in a hospital. Hope your situation is managed properly by your doctors.

KatieSantaPawskitty Wed 29-Dec-10 13:14:34

Dessen - could it be that the additional pain is swelling and bruising on the skin? The Naproxen may not target this area

I hope the Dr has some helpful advice, I can't imagine how painful this must be for you, makes me wince to even think about it.

KatieSantaPawskitty Wed 29-Dec-10 13:25:05

Just had a look at the leaflet in the pack, says if you're bf speak to your dr or pharmasist first

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 13:48:50

thank you santapawkitty - just spoke to the hospital doctor and told him what happend. A big no comment from him on what has happened. He says I have to walk on the leg but it's impossible. I have an appointment tomorrow with him. Why can't they understand - I can't be the first person that has had this after this operation. Just tired out and feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. I'll go to another hospital if I don't get any help tomorrow.

KatieSantaPawskitty Wed 29-Dec-10 13:51:30

God, that's awful.

Can you get advice from another doctor/hospital now?

dessen Wed 29-Dec-10 13:54:03

It is. I would go somewhere & sit in emergency but we have two sick kids at home - all happens at once.

KatieSantaPawskitty Wed 29-Dec-10 13:59:03

Oh no, sorry to hear it's all happening at once.

Has the new pain relief kicked in yet?
Is there anyone you can call out doctor-wise as it's just not possible pain-wise and dc-wise for you to leave the house.

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