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to want to go and live on an island somewhere with one shop, a pub and nothing else.

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Ormirian Tue 28-Dec-10 16:42:19

I hate shops, shopping and shoppers. I hate the way a simple trip into town turns into an epic struggle at this time of year. I hate the bloody queues, I hate the cross miserable faces. All I wanted to do was take a christmas present back. Hideous depressing experience!

And no I wouldn't care about being miles from anywhere, and not being able to buy things, and having to walk, and not being able to go to the cinema/bowling alley/burger bar/discount stores. Those three things are what towns seem to major in these days. I know there are nice little shops left but fewer and fewer.

I avoid shopping like the plague - nearly all of mine for christmas was done on-line or quickly during my lunch hour. How can anyone do it for pleasure?

Bah! Humbug to post-christmas sales!

mayorquimby Tue 28-Dec-10 16:43:44

think how much worse it would be if there was only 1 shop?

GodRestYeEllieMentalmen Tue 28-Dec-10 16:44:00

I get freaked out by too much choice. I often get quite upset when shops are busy and if there are 20 different types of shampoo etc it sends me into a spiral of dithery panic.
I like the idea of one shop too :D

Spidermama Tue 28-Dec-10 16:44:23

I totally agree and will go further. The clamour of greedy fuckpigs worshipping at their temple of consumerism (the sales) leaves me cold. Horrible society. Horrible greedy grasping people.

If you are one of them, well, um, sorry or something.

KerryMumblesBahHumBug Tue 28-Dec-10 16:45:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ormirian Tue 28-Dec-10 16:45:58

Mayor - if there was only one shop that sold baked beans and milk, you'd only use it when you had to! Not to mention getting a huge monthly on-line shop delivered.

sarah293 Tue 28-Dec-10 16:46:30

Message withdrawn

sadiesadiemarriedlady Tue 28-Dec-10 16:46:38

If you do go can I come with you? I hate all the shops, too much choice etc., I think it's all gone a bit bonkers.

Goblinchild Tue 28-Dec-10 16:46:58

There are, apparently, 291 inhabited islands in the UK alone. Take your pick.
I recommend Tresco.

coolma Tue 28-Dec-10 16:47:52

Not U at all - I am so fed up with living where we live, even though it's a perfectly 'nice' place - the shops were (apparently, no way was i going anywhere near there!) bonkers sunday monday and today....DH and I seriously considering moving back to his home village. I suggested the Shetlands but he seemed o think I'd hate it - er no, we never go out, we don;t have anyone we'd miss and the children would love it! I've never felt so depressed after christmas in my life!

sorry to have jumped in with such a mega whinge blush

Ormirian Tue 28-Dec-10 16:48:11

I want Colonsay or Ulva - they aren't quite uninhabited but near enough.

Tortington Tue 28-Dec-10 16:48:17

one shop ( with fresh bakery and cakes) one pub ( with pool table) and internet access.


Ormirian Tue 28-Dec-10 16:48:55

Yes, that will do custardo. The pub needs to serve food too.

GodRestYeEllieMentalmen Tue 28-Dec-10 16:50:15

goblin, I thought you wwere pushing Tesco at us there at first read! grin

TeuchnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Tue 28-Dec-10 16:50:34

Well there are only a couple of shops on my island and NO sales grin

Shame the pub shuts in the winter but hey ho...

I highly recommend it.

Goblinchild Tue 28-Dec-10 16:51:29

TESCO? shock

Ormirian Tue 28-Dec-10 16:51:45

Sounds good teuch. Can I come for NY please?

MardyBra Tue 28-Dec-10 16:52:59

YANBU if that's what you want.

But I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming and f-ing and blinding....

SarahStrattonsBaubles Tue 28-Dec-10 16:53:23

Will they be cream/custardy cakes? hmm If so it sounds an excellent plan. Has to be decent pub food though, homemade, not ding food crap out of a freezer.

tulpe Tue 28-Dec-10 16:55:34


One of the reasons I love visiting FiL is that in his small french alpine village there are 3 restaurants, a newsagents, a butcher, baker, mini supermarket and a ski shop

what more could you need?

I too seriously do not understand the hordes of people who descend on shopping centres every weekend for "entertainment". You see entire families dragging each other along, clearly not buying anything but not having anything else to do. Erm.....why not take the kids to a park, pop to Tesco and buy a cheap family DVD (circa £3) and have "movie afternoon", play some games, I don't know what else but surely it has to be better than sodding window shopping???

themaleworrier Tue 28-Dec-10 17:00:05

shopping is vile. sales are for chavs. Shopping "malls" (Westfield et al) are the eighth circle of hell as far as I'm concerned. A nice small reasonably warm island with broadband and a regular FedEx service and a local Waitrose would be perfect and all I would ever need.

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Tue 28-Dec-10 17:00:21

I have one about six miles up the road from me, go their loads in the summer, here you go there are cottages for sale too grin

GodRestYeEllieMentalmen Tue 28-Dec-10 17:08:27

Teuch - perhaps we anti-shoppers could move over and offer to open the pub in the winter? I have a goodly supply of home-made sloe gin I can offer grin

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Tue 28-Dec-10 17:16:54

He he! We live a 12 mile round trip from the nearest shop,but 3 houses up from the village pub.It is pretty much perfect.I used to like shopping,but reckon the shopping urge came out with the placenta when dd1 was born.Only go when I have to now.

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 17:18:49

so long as it wasn't a Holt's pub it would be okay. Their beer is nasty

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