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Bleeding Tonsil?

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humanoctopus Tue 28-Dec-10 01:08:35

My tonsil is bleeding a little. Dh is panicking and wanting to go to the local casualty dept, but I feel that I should wait until i see the GP in the morning. AIBU, or should I go to casualty?

TechnoKitten Tue 28-Dec-10 02:34:25

Depends why it's bleeding and how much. Have you had them taken out recently? (in which case, A&E trip). Are you on meds that make you more likely to bleed? (again, A&E may be a good move). Or have you swallowed a fish bone? (more likely to be able to wait).

LaraJade Tue 28-Dec-10 06:09:54

Depends on cause - if you had them removed v recently call 999 in case of major bleed.
If no obv reason + not too bad, still drive to A+E and book in - they won't mind checking all is ok.

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