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To shout out how flippin' wonderful my husband is.....

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Sparklyblue Mon 27-Dec-10 13:04:53

Reading all these threads about knobhead husbands has really made me realise how bloody lucky I am.
When I was ill last month, I was tucked up in bed, while he looked after the kids downstairs. He would bring me drinks and anything I needed. This is the way it should be. I do the same for him when he is ill. It's called teamwork.
He takes me out, tells me I look lovely (even though i'm carrying a few extra pounds) We cooked christmas dinner together, cleared up together, I could go on. We love each other, why wouldn't we want to help each other.
I really hope relationships like mine are the norm.
All these shitty husbands, why do women put up with it? sad

CountryDweller Mon 27-Dec-10 13:10:30

YANBU Wish I could say the same.

ThoseArtisticTypes Mon 27-Dec-10 13:15:25

My Hubby is amazing too. He works really hard, and as I have been ill for two weeks he has done everything. The whole Christmas was down to him. He's not naturally great with the kids but he does everything I ask grin and is so generous with his time and practical help. He also has the sweetest personality. The one bad thing is that I look shit in comparison! blush

fairtradefloozy Mon 27-Dec-10 13:17:21

Sparkly, I was just thinking the same. We shopped together, hosted his family (which he reminds me are now mine too!) for Xmas day and my friend who would otherwise have been on her own (and he didnt bat an eyelash when I said J would be on her own can she come).

I cooked. He was racing in and out to help, did all the washing up and did all the prep for the evening food. I bought him pressies from his list, primed his sister for things he'd really want. He bought me things I wanted too, as well as a massive stocking and did a stocking for my friend too - and then as a massive surprise at the end of the evening, he gave me a really expensive necklace because I deserved if for living with him and doing all the work at Xmas.

I think I need to get him something else actually if thats the case as I bottom burp a lot when have eaten fruit cake, pudding etc.

Its a partnership. I love him (though could often hit him on the head with a frying pan, as I am sure he could me too). I am glad we are happy (most of the time!). Its how it should be.

englandsmistress Mon 27-Dec-10 13:18:08

I have a fabulous one too. Sadly, I'm not certain it is the norm...

UltimateTurkey Mon 27-Dec-10 13:19:22

Aw, what a lovely thread! It's made me appreciate my DP that little bit more too grin

prettymuchapixiegirl Mon 27-Dec-10 13:20:53

I feel really gutted and upset that mine is being an arsehole at the moment. I feel very alone and unloved, sitting in bed, ill with my empty glass of water that I'll have to hobble downstairs myself to re-fill.

JandT Mon 27-Dec-10 13:21:25

You're definitely NBU. My DH is amazing, looks after me and our sons, loves us and makes us happy. I try to do the same back.

Since having DS 6 months ago I've had a not great time (didn't mend after C-Section, had a car crash, got gallstones) and have needed so much looking after and help it's driven me mad and I know caused him an unbelieveable amount of worry. Has he complained? No. Do I tell him how great he is? Of course!

I think the secret to a happy marriage is telling each other how much you appreciate them. smile

NemoTheRedNosedFish Mon 27-Dec-10 13:25:39

I have one as well!
I am ill atm so while I did what I could, Christmas was in his hands. He was wonderful.

BubbaAndBump Mon 27-Dec-10 13:29:04

It's a nice thread and does make you think a bit more about the good side of them. Like fairtradefloozy I could hit mine over the head with a large, heavy frying pan frequently because of his incompetence/forgetfulness at many things, but he has always been a fantastic father to our two DDs.

I am also very pg with #3 and have held down a full-on promotion over the past term so he's done about 95% of the childcare and hasn't grumbled. He is currently playing a new board game with the two of them while I grumble uncomfortably on the sofa and MN, having just made us all lunch and washed up. Definitely being spoiled atm

BubbaAndBump Mon 27-Dec-10 13:30:30

Aww prettypixie I hope he stumps up soon - maybe show him this thread?

TheGoddessBlossom Mon 27-Dec-10 13:39:22

This is a nice thread. And a timely one as we all continue with the holidays at home with all the stress that can bring.

DH is good to me. He slips up quite alot, and sometimes it goes right to the wire in terms of me feeling cross and unappreciated and then he pulls it out of the bag - gets me flowers, or offers to take the kids out, or tells me how much he loves me.

He does all the cooking. All of it.

He works very hard.

He is vile when hungover, but at least he admits it these days.

We love each other very much. We wouldn't ever want to be with anyone else. We love our boys and our family unit. In fact it is so nice today to be back to just us 4 at home, guests have all left and we can do what we want. grin

RockChick1984 Mon 27-Dec-10 13:47:03

My dh is amazing, I can be difficult to live with but have really suffered through my pregnancy (work issues, antenatal depression, generally not wanting to get out of bed etc) and he's not complained, he does most of the stuff around the house, he looks after me, works hard coz he wants a promotion so I can go back part time after my mat leave. I sometimes worry that he doesn't realise how much I appreciate him! Going on here and seein how awful some men are to their wives, I know how lucky I am, and it's nice to read about other people in my situation with a wonderful partner xxx

Sparklyblue Mon 27-Dec-10 13:51:58

It's lovely to read all the happy replies smile Just sorry that CountryDweller and others are aving such a crappy time sad

Don't get me wrong fairtrade, I could bash him over the head with a frying pan too, lol, he's not perfect, but he loves me and would do anything for me, and my god do I appreciate that.

mychildrenarebarmy Mon 27-Dec-10 14:11:03

Sparklyblue YANBU at all. I also have an amazing husband. I have friends who have husbands who truly are utterly awful, I have no idea how someone gets through life living like that.

Ephiny Mon 27-Dec-10 14:25:05

YANBU, my DP is good as well. The more I read on here, the more I realise how very very lucky I am to have someone who behaves like a proper grown-up, takes responsibility for himself and our home, and treats me with real love and respect. Sad that this is considered lucky rather than just normal though!

lucielooo Mon 27-Dec-10 14:26:59

Dp is fab! Not only did he get me perfect, thoughtful Christmas presents, including things I hadn't asked for but he'd chosen for me and got absolutely right.

He also proposed on Christmas Day and I'm sitting here admiring my sparkly finger while typing.

AND.. just watching the likely lads drink a couple of pints of bitter and salivating over them (I'm 25 weeks pregnant) DP is just nipping to morrisons to get me a guiness so I can have a little taste.

He's a love he is.. Happy days!

IAmReallyFabNow Mon 27-Dec-10 14:29:11

My dh is my best friend and my most favourite person in the world. I am not good enough for him.

tingelingle Mon 27-Dec-10 14:30:04

Definitely NBU. It's so easy to criticise and to forget to applaud. Since discovering my pregnancy was twins, my DH has got up with our DD pretty much every morning to let me have a lie in, brings me tea in bed, will go off on (babies need) chocolate errands as well as being a brilliant dad to DD. He was great with her when she was weeny, whilst I crumpled through lack of sleep, and I know he'll be amazing with the twins. All this whilst working 60 hour weeks for the last year, which has really taken it's toll on him. But for the most part, he manages to leave all that stress at work to look after us.

In fact sometimes, it's actually quite difficult living up to him! I feel a bit of a whinging wimp in comparison.

yama Mon 27-Dec-10 14:32:51

Thank fuck for this thread.

All the dickhead threads upset me because I start worrying about dd when she grows up. Then I look around and all the men in my family are lovely and caring.

I have to admit that I milk it a little bit when I'm unwell (like now).

RockLovesMincePies Mon 27-Dec-10 14:40:33

I am another lucky one. My DP is a total star, I am 35 weeks pregnant and have felt dreadfully sick the whole way through and he has literally done everything for me.

He cleans the house, does the cooking and keeps my 5 yo dd occupied (she's not his) when I don't feel up to it. He constantly asks if I need anything and waits on me hand and foot (even when I don't need him to). In fact, he does so much for me that I feel guilty that I don't do more, but he won't hear of it.

I intend to make sure I step up to the plate after this baby has arrived and I don't feel so shite anymore. He tells me all the time how gorgeous I am (despite the fact that I have piled on weight because I have been eating junk to combat the nausea) and that he loves me and is generally completely lovely to me.

thefurryone Mon 27-Dec-10 15:01:27

My DH is also ace, far from perfect but then so I am. He is my favourite person in the world and together we make a great team.

Here's to lovely husbands & partners and taking the time to appreciate them grin

BubbaAndBump Mon 27-Dec-10 15:08:00

RockLovesMincePies come and join us on the due-late-January thread!

Congratulations lucieloo on your engagement and preganacy smile smile

mumofloads Mon 27-Dec-10 15:10:31

I've got a good one as well.
He's a real old fashioned gent. Always opens doors for me, would never let me carry shopping bags. He is an amazing dad and so supportive of me. He works hard and always puts his family first.

Mind you, there are still times I would happily beat him round the head with a heavy object grin

Must remember to tell him how much I love and appreciate him when he gets home.

Was my second try though, first was a complete twat.

classydiva Mon 27-Dec-10 15:14:20

YOu fart in front of each other? That is far too familiar and is something you should keep to yourselves.

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