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to be shocked by how much people spend at Xmas?

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SantosLHalper Sun 26-Dec-10 16:26:34

There's a thread going on here about what we all got for Christmas and I am geuinely stunned by how much some people get. Its amazing what people have spent.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 26-Dec-10 16:45:28

Some folk take out loans to pay, some folk save all year, some have well paid jobs to finance their Xmas spending, some people prefer not to splurge, some like to, others spend loads on lovely food/wine

horses for courses innit

Sapphire2012 Sun 26-Dec-10 16:47:54

YANBU! I really can't understand people spending so much! Especially people who buy more than one of: mobile phones, ipods, ipads etc for one child. When I was little we got one big/main/more expensive present, some new clothes (usually full new outfit including underwear and socks), then 2 or 3 little things (book etc). This is what we have tried to do with our children, but they do get aroudn 10 presents (but that includes clothes). We dont do stockings.

BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 26-Dec-10 16:48:06

Some people have large numbers of family and friends to buy for/receive from too.

SantasENormaSnob Sun 26-Dec-10 16:49:42


it's all relative innit

swanandduck Sun 26-Dec-10 16:55:42

YANBU. Some people go completely mad and spend the next twelve months paying for it.

Tootlesmummy Sun 26-Dec-10 16:58:25

YABU if people can afford it and those on the receiving end appreciate it.

YANBU if they buy on credit, those receiving a spoilt ungrateful sods.

altinkum Sun 26-Dec-10 17:00:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HecTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Sun 26-Dec-10 17:10:30

Well, you're entitled to be surprised. You're not saying they shouldn't, or suggesting it's got anything at all to do with you, so yanbu.

What gets me is when people think it's got fuck all to do with them and act like they're going to be paying for it.

If you're not paying - it's not your problem.

But like I say, you are just expressing surprise, so yanbu. grin

BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 26-Dec-10 17:13:16

and anyhow "main presents" - well that can vary in cost can't it?

"phone" - is that a £30 (in the sale) touch phone like DS1 got........or a £100's Iphone jobby

"Camera" - a cheap one..........or a ££££ one?

Hulababy Sun 26-Dec-10 17:15:15

So long as people spend what they can afford and don't end up in big debt just for Christmas I can't see the problem.

SantasMadMissy Sun 26-Dec-10 17:16:46


I am shocked too but like some have said, if they can afford it then lucky sods really grin

BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Sun 26-Dec-10 17:18:30

Ds's iPod cost £39, brand new from M&S wink

ragged Sun 26-Dec-10 17:32:45

yanbu... Being shocked is not necessarily moralising or worrying about other people's choices. I just don't understand them. My instincts are too frugal, too careful, too unmaterialistic, too unenamoured with the idea of gift giving. The gap between my own and others' mindsets is what surprises ("shocks") me most.

BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 26-Dec-10 17:34:01

well I'm always "shocked" how much people spend on their weekly shopping.......wink

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 26-Dec-10 17:39:36

Different people spend on diffent things, some smoke or drink wine weekly - over a year that would add up to a large amount. Some like good food and spend a great deal on food. Others spend at xmas after saving all year.

As long as people dont get into debt and are only spending what they earn who cares if they save for a one off special day each year or spend it weekly on other items.

cakewench Sun 26-Dec-10 17:41:41

shrug. Different strokes for different folks. My mother used to spend quite a lot on me when I was a child, but I can assure you I didn't have all the other expensive things my peers did throughout the year (pricey clothes etc). She just really enjoyed making a big show of Christmas, and I have fond memories of it all.

My son is still little (not yet 2) so I just made sure he had several things to open (mostly little cars) and a box full of balloons once he got bored with the cars. He's still on the cars. I can't say for sure how I'll handle Christmas when he's older, but I'm not sure it's really anyone else's business, either. smile

upahill Sun 26-Dec-10 17:44:25

When we have had hard times we have spent next to nothing.

Currently we have a bit about us so DH likes to spend.

We would never put it on credit or take out loans.

Dh is such a Christmas fan he saves all year for it and loves buying presents and getting the tree up and doing the dinner!

donkeyderby Sun 26-Dec-10 17:49:15

YANBU. We live in a very materialistic world where having lots and lots of stuff really does matter to people. The kids don't necessarily benefit and lots of people DO feel pressurized by the general madness to get up to their eyeballs in debt. It's crazy and loathsome and I wish Prince Albert had never brought the custom of Christmas presents to this country!

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 26-Dec-10 17:51:16

Message withdrawn

upahill Sun 26-Dec-10 17:55:56

Excatly Shineon!!

I love buying my DH children and friends presents.
With my friends I look out all year for things they may like and treat them.
Dh deserves nice things so we make a fuss and treat him because he spends all year treating us and never splashes out on himself.

The3Bears Sun 26-Dec-10 18:00:18

I spent alot, didnt get anything on credit though, I started xmas shopping in january.

omnietyinstables Sun 26-Dec-10 18:04:32

Agree with Shiney - its noone elses business - we dont go that big on Christmas but do on holidays so much so that ILs raise eyebrows but we work damn hard for it (3 jobs between us) and so I dont give a toss.

NineNieciesDancing Sun 26-Dec-10 18:06:07

YABU - I'm not surprised or stunned that some people spend more than me. Why would I be? It is nothing to do with me. How you spend your money is up to you and if you want to splurge then why not, so long as you aren't in debt. I'm sure that some would think I have splurged by their standards (but have probably been frugal by others standards) but I haven't spent all I could have and I have only bought things that are appreciated, not for the sake of it. Is that wrong just because I have spent more than you? If you think it is, who are you to judge?

I don't understand people who spend £££s on booze because I don't drink but again, none of my business, same with posh food. I also think some are unnecessarily frugal and self righteous about it - works both ways but if that is what you think is right, carry on but don't judge others just because they don't think the same as you.

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 26-Dec-10 18:10:47

Message withdrawn

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