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AIBU to want to go home a day early?

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TattyDevine Sat 25-Dec-10 18:56:15

Have got flu of some kind, I think. Running a sizeable fever most the time I would expect, which eases a bit with paracetamol or nurofen but am getting to the point where I dont want to take much more of the stuff. Dreadful cough, probably a chest infection type thing, feels like its been run over by a steamroller.

Am at the in-laws for Christmas. Christmas day itself was a total write-off with me shivering and crying (?!) this morning at about 8am, went back to bed in my coat, slept till about 11 or something, managed to get out of bed and put on a brave face for the kids. Didn't really get to see them open their stockings as I was lying there with my head spinning. Halfway through lunch I had to leave the table as I felt like I was going to fall to the floor, so went downstairs, fell asleep, and have woken up now at half 6pm with Christmas effectively over, (kids have unwrapped most their presents I think, DH may have held some back I think he said before)

I would like to go home tomorrow. I am really out of my comfort zone here at the in-laws, who are fairly hostile in their attitude towards me (MIL is anyway), if we left tomorrow I could sleep in my own bed tomorrow night, DH could sleep in the spare room and deal with any child wakings (they are sick too, he is well) and I could properly rest and recuperate, and I could be seen by a doctor on Monday 27th.

DH doesn't want to go because the children are well occupied here, with other cousins to keep them busy, so being "on duty" is not so bad. I think he imagines it will be hell back at home with nobody to "help" and him in charge, which he will be unti l'm better I'm afraid.

Its a longish journey, but in a warm car I'd be fine. More fine than I am here, sharing a room with DH and my oldest child who is disturbed by my coughing and who disturbs me with his.

Should I insist we go home so I can rest properly or am I being selfish towards him if I do this? We were going to go on the 27th anyway so its one day early.

IAmReallyFabNow Sat 25-Dec-10 18:59:26

Could you go home alone?

If not, I don't think you are being unreasonable to want to go home.

We are due at the in-laws tmw but I am not well so will suggest dh takes the kids on his own.

zandy Sat 25-Dec-10 18:59:45

Stay where you are. Go to bed, stay there. Let someone else deal with everything. Keep yourself dosed up. Travel will be awful while you feel this sick. You'll be starting on the mend by the time you leave so you'll be feeling more up to it.

You have my full sympathies.

TattyDevine Sat 25-Dec-10 19:00:27

No, he then wouldn't be able to get home as I would have taken the car...also ideally being unwell he would drive, I'm not really with-it...

TattyDevine Sat 25-Dec-10 19:10:06

Dammit. I just want to be in my own bed <<stamps shaky foot feebly>>. I haven't had a shower since yesterday morning because they insist you leave the window open all the time because they were too tight to install an extractor fan and it was, lets say, rather invigorating.

I'm lying here festering in my own feverish juices. Sod it, maybe one more day then.

I wish someone would bring me something to eat. I've just devoured one of DS's chcolate snowmen as I can't get my head around going up 2 flights of stairs (freezing and draughty once again) and in this house, nobody can hear you scream... grin

SkyBluePearl Sat 25-Dec-10 19:48:50

text dh your requests then. i hope yu feel better soon.

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