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to be furious and bewildered by DH

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fruitstick Fri 24-Dec-10 23:11:38

He's officially lost it.

Stressful day, ds1 being over excited horror. Carol concert where ds1 refused to behave, difficult bedtime etc.

Had takeaway thus evening and needed to finish off last few bits and pieces. DH wanted to play on his PS3 while I finished trifle for tomorrow.

We moved recently and lots of things still in boxes in spare room. He couldn't find gamenhe wanted and has become convinced that the removal men have stolen it.

He has spent last 90 minutes furiously going through every box looking for it. Is in absolute fury.

I'm now shattered and want to go to bed, having sat here on my own listening to him storming about.

Merry fucking Christmas angry

FrostyAndSlippery Fri 24-Dec-10 23:13:21

Just go to bed and leave him to it.

SkyBluePearl Fri 24-Dec-10 23:13:29

ignore himand go to bed - long day tomorrow

TheSecondComing Fri 24-Dec-10 23:15:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AngelZigzagsSparklyYuletideLog Fri 24-Dec-10 23:19:40

Me and DH had the biggest argument ever over me not helping him look for some cufflinks he'd lost.

Christmas is a bloody stressful time, and if you've just moved doubly so.

Try and be kind to each other smile

AuntiePickleBottom Fri 24-Dec-10 23:21:25

pour yourself a glass of wine and pour one for husband... sit back and relax.

2 stressful things all at once, i hope you have a lovely xmas

IHeartKittensAndWine Fri 24-Dec-10 23:26:10

WINE. If it's any consolation, DH and I had a row over a missing £5 note earlier. Tis the season blah blah blah...

ccpccp Fri 24-Dec-10 23:37:26

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

CognitiveDissident Fri 24-Dec-10 23:54:24


have reported your post for racist abuse.

lololizzy Fri 24-Dec-10 23:58:06

hope he calms down. men are horribly irrational this time of year..Stressmas! hope tomorrow is better

FrostyAndSlippery Sat 25-Dec-10 08:36:17

Is DH in a better mood today? And did he find the game?

Happy Christmas all

ccpccp Sat 25-Dec-10 09:14:04

Thats good CognitiveDissident.

Happy Christmas!

TyraG Sat 25-Dec-10 09:48:51

Tell him if he loves his damned PS3 so much he can sleep on he couch with it.

channeling Family Guy
Dangit Buck, it's my turn to use the sex box.
It's my sex box and her name is Sony.

chrimblycompo Sat 25-Dec-10 09:53:22

My dh is skating on thin ice
why can't he pack the night before
why is he always late for everything
why did he say we'd leave for a 3 hr journey at ten to be in time for Xmas dinner and he's still in the bath
this is why Xmas = divorce

lilyliz Sat 25-Dec-10 10:31:03

he is just a typical man,bet you could go and find it no probs,my DH was the same looking in drawers for something ranting about it not being there then I'd open the drawer and there it was magically appeared.

diddl Sat 25-Dec-10 10:43:54

But if he has the PS3, why can´t he find the games?

fruitstick Sat 25-Dec-10 10:52:51

Peace has been resumed. DH apologised for acting like a tit, realised he did himself out of Christmas sex and has offered to do driving today as penance.

Still slightly bewildered by the whole outburst bit hopefully Christmas can be merry once more.

Compo, hope you make it in time for lunch.

FrostyAndSlippery Sat 25-Dec-10 13:18:33

TyraG - love that quote grin Santa gave us family guy season nine this morning!

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