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to hope some kind soul has handed in my Cirque tickets?

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SE13Mummy Thu 23-Dec-10 23:17:14

Okay, so not a disaster in the bigger scheme of things but en route from Sussex to London this evening I appear to have dropped two tickets for Cirque du Soliel shock.

They must have fallen from my back pocket as I struggled to change DD2's nappy in the baby changing room or possibly when I popped to the loo.

The management office at Pease Pottage aren't answering the telephone and, short of driving back to Pease Pottage now, I don't know how to find out if they're there.

So.... if any of you MNers happen to be on your way to Pease Pottage please would you ask about my tickets (and let me know!)?

Thank you!

animula Thu 23-Dec-10 23:26:27

Did you buy them with a credit card? If so, maybe you can track down the seat numbers, and organise something that way?

Hope they are handed in. People can be surprisingly nice.

I've left my purse in various places four times this year, and it's been handed back to me each time. So wishing some of that luck your way.

RatherBeOnTheMulledWine Thu 23-Dec-10 23:29:34

When we lost tickets ( to Tweenies Live, it was a loooooong time ago!) we were able to get in on the credit card we used to book them with.

Hope you get sorted one way or another.

SE13Mummy Thu 23-Dec-10 23:32:23

I think I know the seat numbers... embarrassing thing is that they were a gift blush!

Nevereatyellowsnow Fri 24-Dec-10 02:18:09

Se13 I posted on your other thread, I'll ask tomorrow and let you know [hopeful emoticon]

SE13Mummy Fri 24-Dec-10 10:56:01

Thank you NEYS!

Nevereatyellowsnow Fri 24-Dec-10 20:57:27

Its bad news I'm afraid sad

Hopefully theres some way you can get the tickets reprinted.

PawPuss Fri 24-Dec-10 21:11:54

If they were bought on a credit/debit card you will have no problems getting them replaced. They can be cancelled and replaced.

SE13Mummy Fri 24-Dec-10 22:39:35

Thank you so much for having a look for me. I will have to confess to my brother and see if there's anything that can be done...

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