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Etiquette in the cinema

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deaddei Thu 23-Dec-10 17:08:32

I don't go to the cinema often.......but today took dcs to see the Focker film.
Lots of teenagers about, fine, but then we had a group of 10boys and girls about 12 to our left who basically talked throughout the film. THen threw popcorn at each other.
We also had a couple with their 2children who were about 3/4 years old- who jumped up and down on the seats and shouted for the film's duration.
What was the point of taking lo's to a 12 film?
Do people not consider other people anymore?
Having forked out over £30 I will carry on with DVDs in future.

mugggletoeandwine Thu 23-Dec-10 17:09:59

That would've pissed me right off.

In the cinema you sit and watch the film and that's it.

sausagerolemodel Thu 23-Dec-10 17:12:04

I'd have had a word with them, and if that didn't work, complain to management to sort them out, chuck them out or refund you tickets plus inconvenience.

Teenagers at films can be a right PITA though, esp in groups.

Caboodle Thu 23-Dec-10 17:12:13

YANBU - did you complain? My 2x DS (5+3) would not be allowed to behave like that (or go to a 12 film), they sit quietly or we leave.

Abr1de Thu 23-Dec-10 17:12:54

In those circumstances I have no problems about getting the manager in. It's their job to sort things like this out. Sorry you wasted the money.

deaddei Thu 23-Dec-10 17:14:06

I wasn't sure if they were at dd's school and didn't want to embarrass her,.....normally I'm pretty good at saying something.
It's an expensive conversation for them.......

curlymama Thu 23-Dec-10 17:14:38

They were probably experencing their first taste of freedom and independance, so they are bound to be a PITA in the cinema It's kind of a rite of passage to annoy other people in the cinema when you get to that age.

As for the couple that had small children with them, wtf were they doing at a 12 film anyway? Leaving that aside though, maybe they didn't bother trying to contol them bevcause everyone was being disturbed by the teenagers anyway, and it's not easy explaining to a 3/4yo that they have to sit quietly when other people are doing exactly the opposit.

But YANBU to be annoyed, but the only thing you could have done was complain to the staff and ask them to sort it.

Maisiethemorningsidecat Thu 23-Dec-10 17:17:47

Not appropriate behaviour at all. My DS is 13, and if I thought that he was behaving like that at the cinema I'd hang him up to dry by his toenails. Definitely complain to the management if this happens again, and ask for a refund.

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 23-Dec-10 17:19:28

How did 3 to 4 year olds get in to a 12 film?

deaddei Thu 23-Dec-10 17:25:09

Apparently if accompanied by a parent, they could go in.
I am having a glass of wine to get over it.

nomoreheels Thu 23-Dec-10 17:29:55

I don't bother with the cinema anymore unless it's quite a quirky underground or serious film that's unlikely to attract any teens etc. Most people who come to those sorts of films are there to enjoy it.

To be fair it's not always teens though, people who bring in smelly food (curry once!), use their phones or make other weird noises (had to ask one guy to stop ogling his teeth loudly, URGH) are just as bad.

Getting the management is often no use as they employ lots of very young people with no authority over people their age, or difficult people.

Mostly I prefer DVDs and online rentals in the peace of my own home.

PrincessScrumpy Thu 23-Dec-10 17:36:52

We went to the panto and the two kids infront of us were allowed by the 4 adults with them to run up and down the aisle until the steward asked the parents to get them to sit down. DD is 2.5 and she sat the whole time - but it's hard to explain why you've told your DD that she has to sit still when others don't have the same rules. How do you explain? Say yes darling those children are naughty and shouldn't be doing that, when their parents are in earshot? Difficult situation! Was very proud of DD for being so good though!

nomoreheels Thu 23-Dec-10 17:37:57

Ha - picking his teeth, not ogling! Stupid iPhone.

LaWeaselMys Thu 23-Dec-10 17:39:43

I complained before (in fact when I was 12 with a group the same age!) I really wanted to see the film.

Misbehaving people got one warning and were then chucked out.

They didn't know it was me who complained, I was sitting a few rows behind so it's not like they were paying attention when I went out, and the guy waited a few minutes before coming in to check what was going on.

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Thu 23-Dec-10 17:52:37

If you are a bit worried about complaining do it on the way out,i got free tickets when i did this.I would normally say something(seat kicking is my pet hate) but after that woman got bleach chucked at her i am a bit wary. I took dd to see the Narnia film yesterday and it was 3d so cost 17 quid.i said to dh i could have gone to awest end show haha.For that price the staff shold be monitoring things and acting appropriately,what are the security staff there for if never used.I saw a nasty fight a few yrs back and the boy who came in to sort it looked about 12!

MadamDeathstare Thu 23-Dec-10 18:06:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tallulah Thu 23-Dec-10 18:11:41

Trouble is you miss a chunk of the film going out to complain. A bunch of bright sparks decided to start smoking in the Deluxe screen (where you've paid twice as much for each ticket). On that occasion I managed to find a member of staff and they kicked them straight out, no arguing. We have also suffered the little tiny children running about in a 12 film.

We don't go very often now because other people being a PITA are such a regular feature

bruffin Thu 23-Dec-10 18:14:09

There is no such thing a s a 12 film. It is a 12a which means that under 12s are only allowed in with adults.
We got to the cinema a lot and thankfully very rarely found behaviour like that and when it has happened, someone usually goes out to complain and someone comes in to stop them.

Although once when a load of teens started messing about DH (6'2) and a few other men got up and advanced on them, they were quiet after thatgrin

Carrotsandcelery Thu 23-Dec-10 18:14:46

I would be very wary of talking to them myself but I would mention it to the manager.
It is very sad that we expect no better of teenagers. Most teenagers are lovely and will become lovely adults. If we don't expect decent behaviour from them though what hope do they have?
I used to be a Secondary teacher and have taken hundreds of children to the theatre. I have only twice in years and years of teaching had to check a teenager about their behaviour in a theatre. Fair enough they were supervised, whereas the ones you experienced obviously weren't, but they will not learn the boundaries if no one teaches them.
I would write or phone and complain and you might get a voucher or a refund.
If it happens again, complain during the film, to the management, so that they can be made aware that their behaviour is unacceptable.

MadamDeathstare Thu 23-Dec-10 18:17:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Weemee Thu 23-Dec-10 18:53:48

I have had similar experiences at our local cinema for which I had an unlimited card and complained to the management.

He said they knew it was a problem and suggested that we frequent the cinema only during the week! Needless to say the card got cancelled!

Chatelaine Thu 23-Dec-10 19:04:02

Abr1de - I would complain before the outing was ruined for us. Nip it in the bud is the way to go. Go to the foyer, say what the problem is, and ask for someone to "have a word" (they will understand)You have paid to see the film in peace and have a quality experience. Before that happens you will be back in your seat. In the olden days the ushers would just shine they torch on people behaving selfishly/people would shhh others without fear...

nzshar Thu 23-Dec-10 19:11:07

PrincessScrumpy yes that is exactly what you do ..."no sorry darling you are not allowed to run up and down aisles and yes those children ARE naughty and ruining it for the rest of us" in full earshot of parents. If I have paid for something then I expect some etiquette and parents to keep their children in order so the rest of the audience can enjoy the film, panto etc. Either that or if you know your children can not do that please please please stay at home.

DesperateHousewifeIsXmasCrazy Thu 23-Dec-10 19:21:56

I went to see Avatar last year which was in 3D and some couple brought a baby!

Yes it cried, alot. They took it out eventually.

Ephiny Thu 23-Dec-10 20:30:16

I don't understand people taking small children into 12/12a films - apart from anything else it's not fair on the children, either they don't understand what's going on and are bored and restless, or there might be scary/violent content that upsets them, it's just not appropriate for them to be there.

Actually I rarely go to the cinema now as it's so expensive and there's always something that annoys me, e.g. people kicking the seat behind me, or taking off their shoes and putting their stinky feet on the back of the seat right next to my face (thanks for that). And no one seems to turn their phone off any more, so you have the flares of light from people texting or whatever and can feel the vibrate from someone's phone further along the row - just turn it OFF! angry

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