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to want half a glass of champers on Xmas day? (i'm up the duff)

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TwinklePants Wed 22-Dec-10 12:07:47

I will be 16 weeks and 1 day pregnant on Christmas day and thought it would be nice to toast Christmas with half a glass of champers. Would this be hugely irrisponsible?

A serious AIBU here, if you tell me I am I will totally stick to the san pelligrino.

Thanks and merry christmas!

JodiesMummy Wed 22-Dec-10 12:08:22

YANBU. Have some orange in in and make Bucks Fizz.

LittleHarrysMum Wed 22-Dec-10 12:08:34

Half a glass won't hurt. Merry Xmas!! x

ABZMike Wed 22-Dec-10 12:09:15

I'm pretty sure your doctor would say this is absolutely fine...

ProfYaffle Wed 22-Dec-10 12:10:22

Have a full glass smile I used to have one glass of wine per week when pg - 2 on Xmas day.

TrillianAstra Wed 22-Dec-10 12:10:39

Have a whole glass.

pumperspumpkin Wed 22-Dec-10 12:11:01

You would not be unreasonable to want a whole bottle, although you might be to actually drink it...

It's all down to your perception of risk. Personally I would and did have half a glass on Christmas Day and special occasions whilst pregnant - I had a "no alcohol except champagne" rule which served me well.

TwinklePants Wed 22-Dec-10 12:12:09

Ah great! It is the type of thing I would feel a bit stooopid asking my doc about but I do trust you Mnetters implicitly.

I will consider a half/ half mix with orange juice and pretend it counts as one of my 5 a day in that case! grin

belgo Wed 22-Dec-10 12:12:51

Go for it. Have the whole glass. I hated it when I was pregnant when people bypassed me with the bottle of wine, telling me that I wouldn't be wanting any.

SaorAlba Wed 22-Dec-10 12:13:44

Enjoy it. I will be having a small glass of wine and hopefully a very small port if it hasn't all been scoffed by the time I get there. I'll be 24+1 on Christmas day smile

TwinklePants Wed 22-Dec-10 12:14:52

pumpkin I love your no alcohol except champagne rule - I might have to adopt it myself! Have so far in my pregnancy had a couple of very weak shandies (literally just colouring the lemonade) and a small sip from DH's bottle of beer on a few occasions - I had to stop myself from slurping the whole thing smile

blueberryjam Wed 22-Dec-10 12:21:09

Have a whole glass I intend to and I'm 13 weeks.

pumperspumpkin Wed 22-Dec-10 12:26:13

Twinklepants - Becks 0% beer is good if you haven't discovered it already. My husband preferred Clausthaler but I thought that was a bit malty for me. Both are good though and worlds away from Kaliber etc.

Quenelle Wed 22-Dec-10 12:26:22

My MW said champagne doesn't count as alcohol.

backwardpossom Wed 22-Dec-10 12:29:33

Have a whole glass and enjoy it! smile

I was at a wedding when 38 weeks pregnant with DS and when we got to the hotel, the guests were given a glass of champagne on arrival. The waiter had the audacity to pass me the orange juice! Pah... I got my champagne wink

Tolalola Wed 22-Dec-10 12:30:25

A 2010 study in the BMJ involving a huge amount of women actually found that people who drink small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy have babies with fewer socioemotional problems and cognitive deficits than mothers who don't drink at all in pregnancy. Go for it! smile

perfectstorm Wed 22-Dec-10 12:30:44

I had a glass to celebrate being 3 months preg. Then I had 4 glasses over the course of 12 hours when 39 weeks preg, to celebrate DH's 30th. And man, did I get abusive looks in the very posh restaurant we all went to when I had a single glass in the bar as we were going in. The ostentation with which they cleared away my place setting glasses had to be seen to be believed. Yes, Midsummer House, I'm looking at you. Suffice it to say we went elsewhere for my Mum's 60th!

The evidence against very moderate drinking in preg. is pretty well non-existent.

FiveColdRingsForSolo Wed 22-Dec-10 12:31:06

Go for it! Assuming you aren't going to drink the whole bottle, it will be fine! Enjoy!

bumperella Wed 22-Dec-10 12:31:57

Quenelle, your midwife sounds ace!
If it's half a champagne glass of champagne, no worries. If is half a pint glass of champagne, maybe not so good :-)

FiveColdRingsForSolo Wed 22-Dec-10 12:34:59

I had a couple of glasses of vino on Christmas Day 2006. I was 40+6 and had Dd the following late afternoon. on't think the wine had anything to do with it though! grin

domeafavour Wed 22-Dec-10 12:35:33

go for it

katiepotatie Wed 22-Dec-10 12:39:19

Have a whole glass, and enjoy your day grin

kktpj Wed 22-Dec-10 12:42:30

Am 38 weeks pg and desperate for a bucks fizz on xmas morn as usual. But just know I'll have serious heart burn!!!!

TwinklePants Wed 22-Dec-10 12:44:59

bumperella damn, rumbled! [frgin]

TwinklePants Wed 22-Dec-10 12:45:14


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