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to want to drive to portsmouth today?

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lulubooboo Wed 22-Dec-10 07:59:05

I want to see my newborn niece!
Should I take my 2 kids from Uxbridge to Portsmouth on the M25/A3 today?
DH thinks its will be fine...I am nervous!

FancyALittle Wed 22-Dec-10 08:04:11

Well we were supposed to be travelling to Portsmouth today from Bristol but have cancelled. Luckily we sent the children's presents off at the beginning of the month.

Sorry that doesn't help much! Make sure your car is properly kitted out with shovels, blankets etc.

pumperspumpkin Wed 22-Dec-10 08:14:08

You are entirely unreasonable for having family in Portsmouth (ugh) - but you'll be fine driving. There hasn't been snow since Monday.

Pp (from Souhampton)

Ray81 Wed 22-Dec-10 08:17:05

Hey Pumper you are a scummer are you grin i am a pompy skate grin.

As Pumper said portsmouth is fine, i actualy live in waterlooville but know alot of people that have been shopping in portsmouth yesterday and is completely clear of snow.

pumperspumpkin Wed 22-Dec-10 08:21:08

My parents in law live in Waterlooville (Widley) - DH and I are like Romeo and Juliet... wink

dustycups Wed 22-Dec-10 08:27:48

{shoves pumpers off the thread!!)

we have had no snow here since monday so all clear!

dusty (pompey)

Ray81 Wed 22-Dec-10 08:30:35

My DH is a scummer, we are like Romeo and Juliet too smile.

I'm in Lovedean so more towards petersfield side but know widley it is a nice area.

DH supports SFC and i keep telling him i am going to get her a PFC kit, he wont hear of it but then i wont let him buy a SFC one either. we are at a stalemate grin

Debs3013 Wed 22-Dec-10 09:51:26

Just to add some weight and support to the whole 'oi scummer' debate - nowt wrong with Pompey!

You'll have no probs driving down here, all clear of snow over here (Portchester)

Play up Pompey

lulubooboo Wed 22-Dec-10 10:15:46

Brilliant-thanks everyone!
Merry Christmas!

Xales Wed 22-Dec-10 10:51:34

Born and bread in Pompey here. Not living there now though.

Still have lots of family around Waterlooville, Horndean & Clanfield.

I would imagine the roads will be fine to be honest A3 is heavily used for commuting (-:

ShoeJunkie Wed 22-Dec-10 11:16:05

I know you've probably already set off but just to add that I'm in Pompey at the mo and the roads are fine! smile

tjacksonpfc Wed 22-Dec-10 11:38:18

We are driving down to pompey friday to spend christmas with family grin

I see the scum supporters club have turned up all one of them lol PLAY UP POMPEY

dustycups Wed 22-Dec-10 11:41:35

waves at shoejunkie

where abouts in pompey r u?

fairtradefloozy Wed 22-Dec-10 12:42:59

Lovedean massif ... its all fine around A3 and M25 so come on down!

madonnawhore Wed 22-Dec-10 13:08:37

Lol @pumpers. Having grown up there myself I think you are B entirely U for wanting to go there at all.

FabbyChic Wed 22-Dec-10 14:01:57

We have no snow in Portmouth! The roads are clear here, the A3 should be fine, its the M25 I'd be concerned about.

dustycups Wed 22-Dec-10 15:35:54

why do you pompey lot not come to our meetups!??

FabbyChic Wed 22-Dec-10 15:41:14

Ive only just started posting here!

QueeferSantaland Wed 22-Dec-10 15:41:29

It was fine on sunday, even though it was sleety in Southsea.

My DS fell down some stairs yesterday in Waterlooville TKMaxx.

Big up the mean streets of Meonstoke! (About 8 miles from Waterlooville. The arse end of nowhere.)

blondieno1 Wed 22-Dec-10 15:42:13

urgh Pompey!

Yes I am a Scummer and proud of it wink

tjacksonpfc Thu 23-Dec-10 11:50:09

I don't live in pompey anymore dusty i live in wiltshire but still come down to see family.

And of course watch the mighty pfc grin

dustycups Thu 23-Dec-10 12:56:58

huge pfc fan!!

tjacksonpfc Thu 23-Dec-10 14:18:20

Good on you dusty better than that red and white lot down the road grin

mumofloads Thu 23-Dec-10 14:54:13

Lol at the scummers / pompey rivalry even on MN. You hold them down dusty I'll tickle their toes. {fgrin}

mumofloads Thu 23-Dec-10 14:54:44

grin grin grin

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