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to think that "adverse weater" is being used for an excuse everywhere now, even where it clearly isn't?!

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Hulababy Mon 20-Dec-10 20:52:20

Am so cross with DHL Express.

Waited in all day for a parcel (that I paid next day charges for) that has been "out for delivery" since 7:19am today. Apparently this morning it was in Sheffield.

It has to be delivered to my house in Sheffield - probably about 6 miles away.

Well, the tracker system is now down online so I called them to ask where it is.

The woman on the phone tells me the driver can't get due to adverse weather conditions.


They sure about that?

Hmm.. there is no snow here. The roads, even the side roads are entirely clear. We've had no snow fr two weeks. There is no adverse weather anywhere round here now.

And now the local depot is closed til the morning.

And to make matters worse the woman tells me the driver keeps hold of the parcel for three days so I probably can't even drive the 6 miles to collect it myself tomorrow.

I am so cross it is untrue!

AliBellandthe40jingles Mon 20-Dec-10 20:56:13


We have snow here, but Parcelforce and Ocado both got here today - everyone in my street (cul-de-sac) managed to get their cars out with no problem to go to work etc. People walking back and forth through to the local shopping with full bags etc, so really life carrying on very much as normal.

It is 4 fecking days since we had any post, and Royal Mail have had 2 Amazon parcels for over a week now (so since before the snow) and haven't managed to deliver them. The useless fuckers, I am so angry because we have had to re-buy presents to replace those parcels in order to get them to relatives before Christmas.

Hulababy Mon 20-Dec-10 20:58:41

Yes, Royal Mail also have one of my Amazon parcels which was dispatched on the 4th Dec. I have given up on that one and bought the same book in town this weekend as needed to pass the gift on. Have cancelled my Amazon order and requested a refud as per their email today.

Am also frustrated as I could have driven over to get the parcel myself as the shop is only 6-7 miles away. But DD had friends to play and thought it'd be easier to have it delivered - as no snow and none forecast!

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-10 08:36:53

Right - according to DHL tracking:

Status Date Time Signatory Branch Comments

Delayed due to adverse weather 20/12/10 18:21 SHEFFIELD HOME DELIVERY

Parcel with courier for delivery 20/12/10 SHEFFIELD HOME DELIVERY

Out for delivery 20/12/10 07:29 SHEFFIELD HOME DELIVERY

Passed to delivery courier 20/12/10 07:17 SHEFFIELD SERVICE CENTRE

Arrived At Depot 20/12/10 07:16 SHEFFIELD SERVICE CENTRE

Arrived At Depot 18/12/10 15:44 SHEFFIELD SERVICE CENTRE

Departed Depot 18/12/10 00:57 HAMS HALL

Arrived At Depot 18/12/10 00:53 HAMS HALL

Arrived At Depot 17/12/10 21:41 MANCHESTER TERMINAL

Parcel data received awaiting coll. 17/12/10 MANCHESTER SERVICE CENTRE

So, it happily got from manchester to Sheffield at the weekend, but yesterday didn't manage to travel 6 miles to my house despite there being no snow or ice on any roads.

Awaiting 9am so I can ring them!

santasbluebaubles Tue 21-Dec-10 08:58:18

useless feckers!

I was waiting from 7am til 7pm for a parcel yesterday and it didn't arrive. I'm also waiting until 9 to make an aggrieved phonecall.

We do have snow though, so I guess I possibly don't have grounds for complaint.

GiddyPickle Tue 21-Dec-10 09:00:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-10 09:02:48

GiddyPickle - the parcel is in Sheffield. I am in Sheffield. It is 6 miles away approximately. ALL the roads are clear and safe to drive on. There has been no adverse weather conditions for days and days.

Backlog is no excuse. They should not have accepted new next day delivery orders on Friday i they couldn't deliver. They were happy to take the money for it no doubt.

And now noone is answering the phone!

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