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To not see why 'cunt' is a worse insult than many others?

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HeathcliffMoorland Sun 19-Dec-10 15:30:48

I never hear anyone outraged at someone being called a cock/dick/scrotum...

If there's something I'm missing and someone can tell me why I'm BU, I will happily change my ways.

Scorps Sun 19-Dec-10 15:33:12

I think it's just the venom of the word. It's very pleasing to say in the right way!

HeathcliffMoorland Sun 19-Dec-10 15:34:06


TheCoalitionNeedsYou Sun 19-Dec-10 15:34:18

Because it is. It means "the worst thing you can call someone"

Blu Sun 19-Dec-10 15:34:52

Depending on your pov, it is either because a vagina is just about the yukkiest part of any human body, the lowest of the low, and far worse than the friendly, funny, proudly flaunted 'willy', and so the best thing to call someone you really despise
Totally unaceptable to use as an insult because of the misogyny in the first pov.

MeowyChristmasEveryone Sun 19-Dec-10 15:37:06

I agree with you Heathcliff.

It's a word I use regularly amongst my peers, and without apology. I DO have to be a bit careful though, as I'm a Sec. School teacher!!! blush

It's just a collection of 4 letters, it's society that has made it into a "bad" word. The sooner it, and many other taboo words become mainstream the better, IMO.

HeathcliffMoorland Sun 19-Dec-10 15:37:41

But surely if that's misogynistic and therefore unacceptable, 'cock' is misandric and therefore unacceptable?

spongecakelover Sun 19-Dec-10 15:38:02

It just sounds horrible. The 'u' sounds so aggressive.

PeeringIntoAFestiveVoid Sun 19-Dec-10 15:38:40

What Blu said.

tethersjinglebellend Sun 19-Dec-10 15:40:05

It is the best word for a bad thing. I am proud to own one. It's just about the most powerful word in the English language.

hairyfairylights Sun 19-Dec-10 15:41:14

I love it and use it in extreme circumstances. I don't associate it with it's old meaning. Just as a very rude word which makes an impact.

FairiesWearSnowBoots Sun 19-Dec-10 15:41:27

I've often wondered why "twat" isn't as bad when they mean the same thing

HeathcliffMoorland Sun 19-Dec-10 15:42:42

Good point, Fairies.

tethersjinglebellend Sun 19-Dec-10 15:43:24

Language is constantly evolving and taking on new meaning.

Think of the words bugger and bastard.

Malificence Sun 19-Dec-10 15:47:05

I wouldn't let anyone into my house who thought it was acceptable to use that word.

It's vile and a man who would use that word in front of women is the worst sort of man.

Actuallawyer Sun 19-Dec-10 15:50:02

I think it's ludicrous to give any word such power. It's just a word.

seeker Sun 19-Dec-10 15:50:46

What blu said.

It's the fact that the worst thing you can call someone is the word for a woman's genitals - it says something about the level of misogeny in our society that this is the case.

Cock/dick are often used almost affectionately - as if male genitals are nice, friendly, "normal" things. Whereas women's are dark, dirty, disgusting - the worst thing you can call someone.

tethersjinglebellend Sun 19-Dec-10 15:51:01

We don't 'give' words power though- it's what they signify which is powerful.

SmokinSanta Sun 19-Dec-10 15:52:51

I hate it. I have used it once in my life (when chasing after a guy who hit my car and drove off) and thats it. I hate the word, no one is allowed to say it in my house, or my company. I dont know why I hate it so much, but its a very harsh horrible word.

And I am a relatively heavy swearer - lots of fuck, bugger, shit, bollocks. But I cannot say the C-word.

Gotabookaboutit Sun 19-Dec-10 15:53:59

erh No dick means stupid

Should see the Vagina Monologs - very liberating to hear women shouting cunt in unison

HeathcliffMoorland Sun 19-Dec-10 15:55:49

'It's vile and a man who would use that word in front of women is the worst sort of man.'

Worse than a woman who would use the word 'cock/dick/scrotum' in front of a man? Why?

Knittynoodle Sun 19-Dec-10 16:00:14

I probably have quite a conflicted view on this word. I use it occasionally and feel proud that a word for my vagina has such power.

But when a man calls a woman a cunt, I feel like punching him confused

southeastastra Sun 19-Dec-10 16:00:55

charming thread for a sunday afternoon

claig Sun 19-Dec-10 16:01:04

yes it is much worse than cock, dick etc.

It is a taboo word, as are most swear words. It is about respect and the most disrespectful thing you can do is to break the taboo over female genitals. It is much more disrespectful than male genitals.

HeathcliffMoorland Sun 19-Dec-10 16:04:57

But why, claig?

I don't think my bits deserve more or less respect than DH's, for example.

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