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to *hate* Ice Road Truckers or are there worse programmes out there?

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Mowiol Fri 17-Dec-10 23:50:23

It's so teeeedious <wail>...... and DH records it.... for crying out loud!!
Is there a worse programme??? Personally I doubt it as it's essentially the same story every episode.....
Driver .. "OOOH look, there's ice, better be careful!!"

Then endless re-caps of what the drivers have said/done/encountered.

canyou Fri 17-Dec-10 23:57:46

Wheeler dealer, Booze Britain, Cops, lake escapes, Cash in the attic

canyou Fri 17-Dec-10 23:58:33

Oh and what is that one about the fishermen in the icy seas

usualsuspect Fri 17-Dec-10 23:58:42

Dog the bounty hunter

AuntiePickleBottom Fri 17-Dec-10 23:58:57

yabu, i love watching this.

AngelZigzagsSparklyYuletideLog Sat 18-Dec-10 00:02:54

My DH loves it too hmm

I could watch one series of it, but talk about repetative on any more.

They've just had one where they're in India, unfortunately grin we missed it grin

The lass in it has got balls as big as westminster abbey though.

Mowiol Sat 18-Dec-10 00:13:13

AuntyPickleBottom - you do know you're mad don't you???
canyou - "Trawlermen" - I get the accents being Scottish etc..... BUT, it's tedious!! I DO apprecaite how dangerous it is being a trawlerman, I really do, and I appreciate the fish I eat, but c'mon!!

cece Sat 18-Dec-10 00:16:21

Ice Road Truckers is marvellous - I won't hear a word said against it.

How about Axe Men? (or whatever it was called)

AuntiePickleBottom Sat 18-Dec-10 00:19:27

mad me mmm no lol

i find it intresting

backwardpossom Sat 18-Dec-10 00:24:10

Oh I love Trawlermen (but then, I know quite a few of the lads that are filmed - I live quite near the Broch, so it's funny for me to watch them).

Mowiol Sat 18-Dec-10 00:25:40

Oh Gawd.... don't get me started on Axe Men!!! Utterly, utterly awful. If I hear any more about "yarders" I'll die!!
Or those swamp loggers.... WTF??

AuntiePickleBottom Sat 18-Dec-10 00:26:58

much better than corrie imo (awaits flaming )

cece Sat 18-Dec-10 00:27:38

Those loggers on the boat that were after the rare wood that had been underwater for 50 years crack me up. Sooo funny!

backwardpossom Sat 18-Dec-10 00:28:05

flames Auntie

There should be a 'flame' smiley.

MangoTango Sat 18-Dec-10 00:28:12

I love ice road truckers and the fisherman one and the Eddie Stobart one.

Mowiol Sat 18-Dec-10 00:29:27

AngelZigzag.... psst...I won't be telling DH about the Indian one then!!

cece Sat 18-Dec-10 00:31:27

what's the indian one called?

Indian road truckers??? Want to iplayer it!

Mowiol Sat 18-Dec-10 00:33:12

<sniffs> .... well, I don't watch corrie either.

(actually I will admit to watching the Omnibus to find out who died....Ashley, WTF?? ... he was so lovely).....harrumph ... me, watch Corrie?.... never!!

Mowiol Sat 18-Dec-10 00:35:09

cece .... don't think it's BBC for Ice Road... so no iPlayer?? That's only BBC right??

cece Sat 18-Dec-10 00:40:40

Oh I didn't know that! Dam history channel isn't on freeview, so won't be able to watch it...

BitOfFun Sat 18-Dec-10 00:45:58

Shiney loves it. She only watches that and Xfactor.

Mowiol Sat 18-Dec-10 00:47:49

Hehehehe... what a shame!

MadamDeathstare Sat 18-Dec-10 00:48:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamDeathstare Sat 18-Dec-10 00:52:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaraJade Sat 18-Dec-10 00:58:36

YABU, my dad loves ice road truckers. It's Corrie for men.

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