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...or just feeling sorry for myself

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picturerail Fri 17-Dec-10 23:13:38

....or feeling sorry for DS2 as the case actually is? It's his birthday today & the only cards/presents he got were from us & my parents. He's only 2 so it's not really made a difference to him & he's enjoyed playing with what he got but AIBU to expect other family & friends to make a bit of an effort for him?

DH & I have had a really cruddy week. Towards the end of last week DS1 was admitted to hospital & although he's recovered from that ok one of the routine tests he had showed up something that might be a problem & he has been referred to GOSH. He had a scan today (after a failed attempt earlier in the week that was really horrible for him) & had to be sedated so DH & I spent most of the day at the hospital & DS2 spent the day with my parents. He didn't get any cards/presents from DH's side of the family (PIL & SIL) or my brother who lives with my parents & none of them phoned/texted to wish him a happy birthday. DH & I phoned them all this evening to let them know how DS1 got on. Neither of my so-called best friends phoned/text about either DS.

Anyway after reading back this little rant i think it's safe to say i am feeling sorry for myself & being a bit precious! Feel free to flame me & point out the time of year, people are busy, he's only little & doesn't understand arguments that DH has busted out on me..

MsKalo Fri 17-Dec-10 23:16:21

oh your poor DS! I am really sorry to hear others did not make an effort? Why didn't they? The buggers! You have every right to be annoyed if you have close friends and family and they did not get him even a card.

I hope your DS1 is going to be ok too

big massive hugs x

tell your so-called friends how you feel, make them feel bad - they need to

scottishmummy Fri 17-Dec-10 23:20:33

you have lot on your plate.thats rough.hope better times come your way

bobs Fri 17-Dec-10 23:29:25

Not a good time for you...from experience my brothers and sister were pretty bad when it came to my kids birthdays, probably because they didn't have kids themselves. Luckily DS2 is too young to realise. However your friends should have been more supportive with DS1 and contacted you.

Ladyofthehousespeaking Fri 17-Dec-10 23:35:21

Aw you poor thing, are the relatives without children for the main part? Before I was pregnant I had to be reminded of friends babies birthdays (although I would deffo remember dnieces and nephews)
sounds like you've had a really crap week but hopefully ds1 is over the worst and I truly hope his scan turns out to be fine. Ds2 sounds like he had a wonderful day too
tbh my grandparents and aunts never remembered my birthdays but I was always happy as long as I got cake grin
big hugs

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