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To ask ask admins to use proper English on FB?

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marshmallowdelight Fri 17-Dec-10 20:54:55

I'm making a couple more mums admins on a group that I have on Facebook and want to know if I will seem totally up myself and unreasonable if I send them each a message (a cut 'n' paste job) asking them to please not use text speak and capital "I"s etc when posting on the group or sending messages.

I really hate it when I see a company using Facebook to promote their service and then using crap txt spk 2 tlk 2 ppl and using words like "wiv" and "dey" and others that make me shudder...

So I thought that I'd send it to all of them whether they talk like that on FB or not and pad it out with some other "rules" and hope for the best...

What do you think?

FairiesWearSnowBoots Fri 17-Dec-10 21:00:52

ask ask

marshmallowdelight Fri 17-Dec-10 21:18:37

Hmm, was that like a "tsk tsk"?

I don't see that there would be a problem with a "no txt spk" rule....

FairiesWearSnowBoots Fri 17-Dec-10 21:25:53

actually I do agree with you, and if you can ask them without it causing a row then you should.

InkyStamp Fri 17-Dec-10 21:37:26

YANBU as it IS annoying, is a social network site, so some usage of 'social speak' is to be expected. Not sure it would go down too well!

marshmallowdelight Fri 17-Dec-10 21:52:22

Bah, they can like it or lump it!

If it was just a group for mummies I would not mind too much, but because it is a business, I need for it to be taken seriously - both my the other admins and by the customers.

I do not thoroughly trust buying from pages where they use extreme txt spk and it sends out bad vibes to me when I see posters using it expecting people to buy from them...

Just wanted to see that I'm not alone on this...

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 17-Dec-10 21:55:31

I don't know what kind of business you're running, but I would not buy from one whose public face included txtspk. Even on FB, where it takes me ages to decipher what some of my family post.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 17-Dec-10 21:56:21

Oh, and I think "ask ask" refers to your thread title! grin

marshmallowdelight Fri 17-Dec-10 22:07:24

oh bugger, I tried so hard to get it perfect for txt speak hating thread blush
Will remember better proof reading next time...

Yup, I think that I've definitely persuaded myself to write a rule list out to deter txtspk jargon

Funny how I've come to hate it, when I was a bit younger its all that I used to text/type in!

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