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to be slightly amused by how many e-mails I now get from Partypieces?

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PercyPigPie Fri 17-Dec-10 19:37:33

Whilst I appreciate royal weddings are expensive, I am slightly amused that I used to get about 2 a year and have now have had about one a week or so since the royal wedding was announced. Anyone else notice this?

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel Fri 17-Dec-10 19:45:29

Yes I made one flippin order and I am deluged with emails and catalogues. Partycak.

PercyPigPie Sun 19-Dec-10 12:15:49

Blimey, KenDodd'sDad, hope they are not planning to fund their part of the wedding costs from just us two then grin.

RockinRobinBird Sun 19-Dec-10 12:27:13

Omg yes I'm getting about 2 a day and can't see a way to unsubscribe! It's driving me mad.

PercyPigPie Sun 19-Dec-10 16:08:25

Well at least we can split it three ways then grin

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel Sun 19-Dec-10 19:22:05

They will be having sausages on sticks and a pineapple hedgehog at this rate!

tyzer2001 Sun 19-Dec-10 19:23:56

If you click reply and put 'Unsubscribe' into the subject line most places will take you off their mailing lists, even if they don't have a specific 'unsubscribe' link.


FancyALittle Sun 19-Dec-10 19:27:28

Hmmm wishful thinking?

PercyPigPie Sun 19-Dec-10 19:47:29


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