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To want a different bed even though there's noting wrong with the one I have?

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nameymacnamechanger Fri 17-Dec-10 14:06:09


Background: Moved last year with barely anything so first thing to buy was the cheapest beds money could buy for me and DS, bought us a divan base and mattress each.

I keep looking at my bed all annoyed with it that it isn't nice looking and I don't like it hmm. Although there's nothing wrong with it it is an ugly divan base with no headboard... the mattresses on the other hand are crappolla and currently have a load of blankets between mattress and flat sheet so you don't feel the springs. hmm

Note in my thread title I have put 'different' not brand new. I am thinking second hand or freecycle even if I'm lucky! Or if these searches are not productive maybe a devilishly cheap sale bargain.

healthyElfy Fri 17-Dec-10 14:46:31

YANBU Have a look and see what you can get. New matresses too

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