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AIBU to reign back on xmas presents next year?

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Niceguy2 Thu 16-Dec-10 12:21:54

OK so we've nearly finished all our present shopping. Both myself & my GF have fairly large families so every year its a bit of an ordeal. It's not only financially crippling, its just a complete ball ache.

My side of the family especially since we are the ultimate see it, want it buy it family. Each year I scratch my head for ages trying to think of gifts for them when in reality i'd be better off throwing the money straight in the bin and saving us all some time. Me from shopping, my family from pretending they like it.

So next year AIBU to tell my close friends & relatives that I will not be getting them anything anymore and if they want to then just get something small for the kids. Am I being sensible or just tightfisted?

Cyb Thu 16-Dec-10 12:23:13


we are all too long in the tooth to be getting Christmas presents from extended family

SheWillBeLoved Thu 16-Dec-10 12:23:47

Nope, YANBU. I have a huge family, and this year, we all decided that we would only get the children presents. I have saved in excess of £300 on presents for adults that would end up getting shoved in the wardrobe.

Niceguy2 Thu 16-Dec-10 12:28:27


It really doesn't help when my dad & stepmum are very well off. As a result they really don't think anything about splashing the cash. It does mean my half-siblings are quite spoilt in comparison to myself & my sister.

I remember when my half sister was 14 and she told me how her elder sister (then 16) had a couple of Louis Vuitton handbags and that she didn't like them.........she preferred Gucci!

So me giving them a nice makeup set from Next must be like them getting something from Primark!

fin54 Thu 16-Dec-10 12:29:23

Why not do a secret santa within the whole family, set a price and stick to it and that way everyone get's a present.

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