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to be really mad at the solicitor

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huffpuff75 Wed 15-Dec-10 19:50:45

Had a letter about a week ago (finally) from the solicitor appointed by the union to deal with my employment case. They invited me in today to discuss the case and I duly went.

To get there I had to:
*arrange for someone to come from miles away in rush hour to supervise scaffolders/roofers who needed access to fix the roof after the snow made most of it fall off
*on a day when everyone was really busy elsewhere arrange family to dog sit as dog would be very unnerved by roof/scaffold activity
*bus it and walk to get there at 36 weeks pregnant as a week ago my car was broken into and is still away being repaired

Only to be told when I got there that the solicitor doesn't work on a Wednesday and I would have to rearrange. Someone had made the appointment, put it in her diary and written to me, despite this. angry

So I came home again and sat and cried. After the roof and the car, and the baby STILL being breech, this was just the final straw. So AIBU to be really really angry about this and is it just the hormones/a reaction to being trapped by snow for two weeks followed by being trapped by a lack of a car since then?

comedycentral Wed 15-Dec-10 19:52:43

I think you should write them a letter stating exactly what you have told us. Maybe they will knock a little money off your fees. The least you deserve is an apology. x

huffpuff75 Wed 15-Dec-10 20:06:26

THanks Comedy. I was considering a letter of complaint, but wanted to make sure I wasn't being mad, hormonal, crazy lady first. Union would be paying costs, so no chance of a discount but I would have organised a taxi to take me home at the least. And I have to do it all again (with same arrangements) tomorrow. The wanted to leave it until January but the small matter of the baby would get in the way then, so I insisted it should be before Christmas.

proudfoot Wed 15-Dec-10 20:12:17

Can you ask the union to appoint a difference solicitor? Tbh if they can't even manage to arrange an appointment on the right day, do you trust them with your representation? This is really unprofessional and crap of them. I work at a law firm and would be really shocked if someone at our place was that disorganised - it's definitely not on.

huffpuff75 Wed 15-Dec-10 20:18:02

I would proudfoot, but it has taken so long to even get this far I would be risking being unable to take any action at all because of the legal cut off for these things. I agree that it is unprofessional but I think I am stuck with them. sad

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