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to be very annoyed that Tempest have lost my sons image

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dietcokesholidaysarecoming Wed 15-Dec-10 16:20:06

I ordered a memory stick ages ago with the two images of my DS3. Was already surprised with how much it cost compared to the previous photographer the nursery usually used.

Send a letter in with image stating I felt the pricing structure was not very good value. A memory stick was £36 for "up to three images". They only took two images yet I had to pay the same as someone with three. Suggesed they reconsider pricing to make it fairer. EG £24 for two, each extra image £12.

Begrudge paying the money but I print out pictures of him and frame for relatives that live some distance away. Its our Christmas present for them. Plus I get a nice photo of him.

Yes I could do it myself but Im rubbish at taking pictures.

Anyway - order arrived at nursery yesterday.
4 orders (all memory sticks) were missing. Tempest have said hopefully should be here by Friday. We are in hospital Friday so couldnt collect it til monday anyway- which is leaving it a bit late to start sending- great!

Phone call today from manager, after I asked her the ring them and explain I wasnt impressed and for clarification on what they were doing to ensure we would get them in time for Christmas.

Manager has rang....My sons image is not one of the 4 orders missing. They have actually lost his image.

Customer service have a 60 minute wait on phone. They closed at 1615. Were suppose to be calling me back by 1615.

So AIBU to be a little hacked off!

And any suggestions on what to do to resolve this?

Dexterrocks Wed 15-Dec-10 22:39:03

I would suggest to them that if they want to retain the contract for photos at the nursery that they either find it or come out and take another one and do it quick.
Failing that request compensation for letting you down when you had been relying on them.
I know neither really solves your problem.
Tempest used to be rubbish in our area. I had one school photo where my dd had not actually finished sitting down!
They seem to have improved the last two years after the school went elsewhere for a year due to low uptake of pictures (hardly a surprise!)

dietcokesholidaysarecoming Thu 16-Dec-10 21:29:19

Thank you

They rang back and said no they hadnt lost his image. Miscommuciation apparently. They have emailed his photos to me free of charge.

Would have been interested to see what they would have done if they had actually lost his images

The manager is exploring other photographers now.

Dexterrocks Thu 16-Dec-10 23:19:17

That is great news dietcoke - much better value now!

dietcokesholidaysarecoming Thu 16-Dec-10 23:55:10

Lets just hope I can get out and print the photos in the snow!

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