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AIBU for wanting a teensy weensy bit of sympathy for being ill?

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prettymuchapixiegirl Tue 14-Dec-10 23:17:14

Sorry this is a very self-indulgent whinge....

I currently am feeling really ill; I think I have tonsilitis, as I've been ill since Friday, felt a bit better yesterday and Sunday but now feel really ill again with a very sore throat, temperature, etc. I'll hopefully be going to the GP tomorrow.

AIBU in wanting a teensy bit of sympathy from DH? He went out at the weekend and came home in a strop, I posted a thread about it on here, and he just won't acknowledge that I'm ill. I've tried to carry on as much as I can looking after the children and doing housework, washing etc but he won't even get me a glass of water or a tablet, in fact I've been on the sofa all night unable to get up as I feel so dizzy and he wouldn't get me anything. If I mention I feel ill or if I start coughing he either huffs or just looks at me but doesn't even acknowledge that I've said anything.

When he tonsilitis in the summer he took to his bed for about 3 days and I did everything for him, went to the shop to get him things he fancied to eat, went to the chemist to get his prescription, basically waited on him hand and foot.

I really am quite fed up about it all; it just took me about 5 minutes to hobble through to the kitchen to get tablets and the all-important laptop, only to discover he hadn't even shut the fucking back door after letting the dog out, let alone locked it.

He is never having any sympathy or help from me ever again!! Hmpf!

AngelZigzagsSparklyYuletideLog Tue 14-Dec-10 23:23:34

Of course YANBU, you can have heaps of sympthy from me tonsilitis is bloody painful.

My DH is the same, he wasn't shown sympathy by his parents when he was ill so he doesn't know what he should be doing, which is essentially showing he cares.

He is a bit better after 10 years, but as I don't get ill that often by the time I'm ill again he's forgotten hmm

Wankers grin

prettymuchapixiegirl Tue 14-Dec-10 23:31:38

Thanks Angel

My DH unfortunately seems to be going through a bit of a selfish phase at the moment and I suspect this is all to do with that. I'm not ill very often but in the past he's been a bit huffy if I've been ill and stayed in bed.

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