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to think the soaps...*possible soap spoilers*

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Sparkle2010 Tue 14-Dec-10 20:12:33

Shouldn't do stories on the loss of babies (abortion/miscarriage/stillbirth/cotdeath etc etc)

I'm sick to death of soaps doing storys about any of the above. Surely there is enough suffering of these things in the world that we don't need soaps making it up too??

Ronnie on EE loses her baby to cot-death
Rhona on ED is thinking of aborting her baby due to downs

etc etc

taintedsnow Tue 14-Dec-10 20:17:07

YABU. These things very sadly do happen in RL so should not be excluded on the basis that they are tragedies. All storylines will hurt someone and bring back horrible memories, you can't make an exception for those involving babies.

TheMonster Tue 14-Dec-10 20:18:13

If the soaps never covered a topic that could be considered to contain suffering then they wouldn't be interesting at all.

DanceInTheDark Tue 14-Dec-10 20:20:58

The EE thread becomes less about cot death and more about the mental health of a grieving mother if i read correctly.

Some (lucky) people live in a world where things like that never ever effect them in any way whatsoever. If they appear on soaps it normalises the issues and takes - or should take - away some of the taboo.

merrycompo Tue 14-Dec-10 20:22:17

What's ed?

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